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Hand hygiene – the first step in tackling antimicrobial resistance 

Hand hygiene – the first step in tackling antimicrobial resistance 

The rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the biggest threats to global health in today’s world, with the current estimated cost of AMR to the NHS in excess of £180 million per annum.[1]

Although the 2013-2018 AMR Strategy and Public Health England’s ‘Keep Antibiotics Working’ national campaign in 2017 has raised awareness of AMR, the threat of AMR needs continual focus. 

Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at Deb, explains why hand hygiene is the first crucial step in preventing AMR and why serious action needs to be taken now to protect the future of the NHS. 

The real threat of AMR – a global concern 

A Master-ful solution for care homes


Infection control is key within healthcare settings and anything that can be done to complement current protocols is looked at with great interest. With an ageing population and a squeeze on budgets, the importance of environmental hygiene is growing. So what are our solutions. 

Biomaster antimicrobial technology from Addmaster offers product protection that looks to do this, complementing current infection control protocols.   Reducing levels of bacteria on treated surfaces, it offers a second line of defence in the area of product protection  working alongside existing hygiene procedures.

Cromwell Polythene Sansafe® hygienic bin liners

Cromwell Polythene Sansafe® hygienic bin liners

Cromwell Polythene Sansafe® hygienic bin liners – Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards 2018 finalist

Cromwell Polythene Sansafe® antimicrobial and scented bin liners – relaunched with a new formula – use 30% recycled high-density polyethylene, rather than virgin material, as well as a more powerful scent additive. The liners are tested to ISO22196, offering antimicrobial protection to hygienic liners for sanitary and medical disposal services, waste management and janitorial sectors.

Cleanliness, hygiene and fine fragrance

Cleanliness, hygiene and fine fragrance

Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance for carers and nurses but often deep cleaning, antibacterial products smell strongly of bleach or chemicals.  Imagine if you could clean up vomit, bodily fluids, faeces and blood with professional grade cleaning products while, at the same time, managing the unpleasant odours and leaving the surroundings with a fresh, uplifting scent.

Wybone clinical waste bin promises to reduce spread of infection 

clinical waste bin

As flu season continues to grip the country, Wybone have introduced a clinical waste bin which promises to perform even better than before, reducing the spread of infection.

The Capsule II All Plastic Sackholder compliments Wybone’s existing range, which began production in 1973. The firm is this year marking its 20th anniversary of supplying of sackholders to the NHS.

Wybone’s easy-clean range includes metal, hybrid (plastic and metal) and capsule units. The capsule has been further developed to incorporate a plastic pedal and body with no metal components to deliver an all-plastic unit – the Capsule II.

Protecting incontinence-associated dermatitis with evidence-based innovation and treatment

The skin is an amazing structure. Forming a barrier between our tissues and the world that we live in. Making us waterproof and keeping water in. Protecting us against UV light but playing a part in Vitamin D synthesis. Protecting deeper tissues from injury and containing nerve endings that allow us to detect temperature, pain, as well as the texture of surfaces that we touch. Most importantly, however, it provides a fantastic barrier to infectious agents: we are constantly under attack but the skin architecture, tears and saliva protect us.


Implementing a robust hygiene strategy during renovation is a must

Chrissie Rowlinson

Chrissie Rowlinson, product marketing manager at Cannon Hygiene, discusses why care homes need to keep hygiene front-of-mind during renovation works and the strategies to do so.


Because care homes often have to remain fully operational during refurbishment projects thereby creating a “live” environment for contractors, there can be unavoidable disruptions to some residents and staff. However, hygiene should never slip and it’s vital that strategies are in place to minimise health and safety risks.


Lift the lid on an innovative approach to care home catering with NutriPot

Half the recommended daily nutrition in a single pot – and they taste delicious


NutriPot, from Nutripot Nutrition, is set to fill a gap in care home catering by providing delicious instant pot meals, fortified with half of all the body’s 28 daily vitamin and mineral needs.

With a lack of healthy, quick and convenient food choices for the elderly, NutriPot provides the perfect balance of flavour and functionality as the first instant pot range in the category to provide a fortified meal with added vitamins and minerals, all for the price of a sandwich.

Duplex - Steaming In On Bugs

Duplex - Steaming In On Bugs

In medical and nursing establishments the knowledge that cleaning can be combined with a proven infection control programme is a vitally important factor to be taken into account when considering a machine purchase for use in a clinical environment.


To demonstrate the efficacy of the products from our range most used in the healthcare sector we commissioned independent tests by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, Birmingham.


Resolve Care: how to achieve two CQC Outstanding Ratings

Resolve Care: how to achieve two CQC Outstanding Ratings

Since the Care Quality Commission (CQC) changed its inspection process, few learning disability care homes have achieved an outstanding rating. These ratings are notoriously difficult to come by, with less than 5% of the total number of inspected organisations achieving this rating. So, how has Resolve achieved this distinction in both their homes? Owners David King and Anne Graham explain.


Giving people the best chance

At Resolve, the ethos is on giving the residents the best possible life. All the residents have autism and/or a learning disability and a history of offending behaviour, with spells in hospital or prison. Most have had limited opportunities and meaningful life experiences.

New training programme launched to help care homes improve infection control

Care homes across the UK can get up to speed on infection control, continence care and health and safety thanks to a new training programme. 

Infection control product specialist Cairn Care has launched the online tool that provides homes with up-to-date training materials that can be downloaded at any time of the day or night. 

Resources include advice on cleaning schedule, infection control plans, advice posters and basic workplace training tools. 

It also contains useful information to help care home customers use Cairn Care’s products correctly and effectively.

The training hub forms only part of Cairn Care’s new website which also comprises of a new online store dedicated to the UK residential care sector in the UK. 

DuoMax – A Duty of Care


A brief look through the news on any given day will see multiple references to care homes across the United Kingdom dealing with infection control issues. Some are forced to close for periods of up to a month pending official inspections post outbreaks of E-coli or Clostridium difficile, both of which continue to be reported in high volume across the country. Others are subject to quarantining procedures for various contamination issues causing a great deal of disturbance and distress to staff and residents alike. 

Methodology for dealing with such outbreaks is provided by the British Government and is based on monitored case studies and feedback from questionnaires submitted to various care homes as part of a wider national study. 

The Ultimate Guide to Zybax and Biological Cleaning

The efficiency and environmental advantages of biological cleaning and odour management products are increasingly being recognised by professional cleaning companies working in the care, leisure and hospitality sectors.

But what is a biological cleaner and why are so many businesses and cleaning contractors switching to them? Here we present an introduction to biological cleaning, and Zybax, a UK based company who are developing new solutions to the familiar and persistent problems faced by professional cleaners on a daily basis.


Deodorise Carpets & Upholstery quickly and easily.

The first universal step in deodorization is to find and eliminate the source of the odour, in general terms this ‘source’ is described as ‘soil’ and removal is achieved by cleaning. Although there are many different methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning the most efficient method when dealing with body fluids and food spillages is the Injection / Extraction method. 

Legend Brands Europe are launching a range of injection extraction machines on to the European market.  Manufactured by our parent company in America, using what we believe to be the best quality components available and with “state of the art” modern design, we are expecting them to be popular both with the user and the owner. These machines are designed for professional use in commercial environments.

The MP’s View: Advancing Hand Hygiene Compliance in the NHS


Andrea Jenkyns, MP for Morley and Outwood and founder of the ‘Handz’ hand hygiene campaign, refocuses the attention that must be paid to the prevention of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).  After personally experiencing the devastating impact of HCAIs, and recent data indicating a rise of the number of cases recorded, Ms Jenkyns is calling for urgent action to improve hand hygiene compliance across the NHS. The 21st century NHS is facing many challenges, one of these being an increase in HCAIs. A number of healthcare workers are failing to adhere to adequate hand hygiene practises whilst at work, causing infections to hospital patients to spread. This is a pertinent concern which must be looked into, sooner rather than later.