Camberford Law have had a specialist scheme for Care Homes

November 3, 2016

“The Care sector is an important part of society, the ability to look after the least fortunate or those in need of assistance of any kind is a cornerstone of this countries approach whether palliative, age related, mental illness through to those that have been left incapacitated by any means. The Insurance market has traditionally supported this sector and Camberford Law have had a specialist scheme for Care Homes for over 15 years and been involved in various guises for longer than that.

During that time we have seen some movement in the approach to underwriting these risks as the landscape has changed. In particular how the courts view those rare cases where abuses have taken place in a care home. Seen traditionally as a criminal act and not one that should attach to a Care Provider the Insurance market reacted to various Court Judgements by either leaving the sector, excluding Abuse cover, separating with a low limit and charging a high premium or in many cases stayed “silent” in other words ignore the issue in their Policy and hope to take the most favourable position they can if a claim comes about. These positions can leave a Policyholder with much uncertainty if an Abuse takes place, either uncertainty as to whether they will be covered or indeed if any claim will be larger than the cover they have been able to purchase.nursing home

At Camberford we have used our experience to produce a new policy wording that proactively includes Abuse cover, specifying the cover involved and giving £2,000,000 worth of Indemnity at market leading prices. This is of course on top of all the other covers you would expect a bespoke care policy to involve.

To discover what we can offer please ask your Broker to contact us for a quote or if you would like more information please feel free to contact us directly to speak to one of our experts.”


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