Coordinator appointed for specialist dementia friendly market

October 11, 2017

A specialist nursing home has appointed an expert coordinator for its dementia friendly Market Square.
The Lodge, which is based within the award-winning Buckshaw Retirement Village, Chorley, appointed coordinator Chris Durnan to oversee operations of its ‘Market Square’ which is designed especially for older residents and those with dementia.
Facilities within the Market Square include a 20-seater cinema, the Pet Shop, a pub, café, bakery, hair and beauty salon and a music relaxation lounge.
Chris, who is 33 and from Chorley, has worked in the care industry from the age of 16, working his way up to management level while also gaining a diploma in dementia studies from Bradford University.
Chris said: “The Lodge is a fantastic facility and I am really looking forward to implementing activities and events in the Market Square, and to seeing the residents enjoy and benefit from the facility.
“We are set to include a range of opportunities for residents to enjoy these high-quality facilities with carers, family and friends. Residents will be able to visit a real café, interact with animals and nature in the pet shop and the garden, make an appointment to have their hair done and visit the monthly market. All activity is planned in a person-centred way to meet the needs of residents.

Coordinator appointed for specialist dementia friendly market

 “The Market Square benefits from the same award winning and innovative design as the colour coordinated doors and other visual clues featured in The Lodge, which help with orientation. Each destination is designed to distract residents from any feeling of distress which is often a symptom of dementia.”
The role of market coordinator includes arranging events and activities for residents and visitors, recruiting volunteers and oversee the running of all the destinations within the square.
Buckshaw is part of The Hica Group, a not for profit organisation, which operates a portfolio of 20 residential care homes, five of which are for people with a learning disability, along with two retirement villages.  The company also runs a care at home service providing approximately 11,500 hours of support and care from four regional offices in the North of England.


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