Daisy for exceptional commitment to care

August 10, 2017

On July 18th, the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust invited Greater Manchester care staff to Albion Church in Ashton under Lyne. Every year, their committee awards outstanding carers with a Daisy and remembers the values in dementia care.

The church was busy with medical staff in uniform, their families and many dementia patients who came to show support to their carers. They eagerly awaited the award ceremony, which celebrated best practice awards, the “Daisies” for successful accreditations and the special category “Living well with Dementia”. ‘The Daisy stands for outstanding standards in supporting the dignity in care of their patients daisy-award-1and residents’, explained Alison Harrison (NHS). In the United Reformed Church, 50 members of the care community came together and enjoyed her speech. The value of person-centred care was celebrated with a presentation, videos and talks. They cherished the memory of Thora Beddard, a Dignity in Care ambassador who passed away recently. She had great influence on the community, and inspired many with her musical talent and dedication to pass her English GSCE in her late 80s.daisy-award-2

Creative Support’s Wilshaw House service was awarded twice. For achieving a 100% in their latest observation, project manager Sonia and her team received a “Daisy” plaque. But when the final category “Living Well with Dementia” was announced, and the team was honoured for the second time of the day, they were truly overwhelmed. Mrs. Harrison highlighted their invaluable support and commitment to their service users suffering from dementia.

The Wilshaw House team asked many service users to come along so everybody could enjoy a day out. After the ceremony, tea and cakes were served and the different services had an opportunity to chat. The carers and service users were happy to have been invited and especially proud to be Stockport’s leading dementia care team.daisy-award-3

Only two weeks earlier, Wilshaw House had organised a special two-day activity for their service users: Young people completing The National Citizenship Challenge (NCS) joined the day service. They organised workshops around mobile communication and brought with them smartphones and tablets. Mike (80) suffers from dementia, but coming to the day centre is always a priority for him, as he meets friends and neighbors here. Meeting the young people through The Challenge was a special moment for him: ‘We can share our experiences with each other, which is so important because they are so different. Many of these kid’s parents are so young themselves and their grandparents live far away. So to meet us can really be an eye-opener, some of them have not spoken properly to a 70 or 80 year-old before.’ The visitors slipped into the role of teachers, and the elderly enjoyed two afternoon tea sessions with a group of curious listeners.daisy-award

The Silver Surfer Masterclass was an initiative by Creative Support in cooperation with NSC - The Challenge and it fell into the National Co-Production week. Charities all over the UK celebrated their cooperation with service users, their families and carers. For Creative Support, co-production is an important value, aiming to cooperate with service users to work together in exciting events and activities throughout the year.




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