Deodorise Carpets & Upholstery quickly and easily.

The first universal step in deodorization is to find and eliminate the source of the odour, in general terms this ‘source’ is described as ‘soil’ and removal is achieved by cleaning. Although there are many different methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning the most efficient method when dealing with body fluids and food spillages is the Injection / Extraction method. 

Legend Brands Europe are launching a range of injection extraction machines on to the European market.  Manufactured by our parent company in America, using what we believe to be the best quality components available and with “state of the art” modern design, we are expecting them to be popular both with the user and the owner. These machines are designed for professional use in commercial environments.

We are offering a range of variations, from a simple cold water machine at a very low entry price, there is also a 200 psi version and a 500psi version, and both of these have heaters too.  Finally there is the top of the range multi surface, high pressure (1200 psi machine).


Additionally, we are bringing in the HOSS 700, considered by many the “best in class” of rotary extraction tools, which is a great addition to any VersaClean Extractor for cleaning either heavily soiled or large areas of carpet.  


Chemspec is one of the Legend Brands and specializes in the manufacture of specialist cleaning and deodorization products for textiles, Urine Contamination Treatment is designed for treating all types of urine odours, neutralizing them at source rather than simply masking them. Have a look at for further information and the name of your local supplier. 

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