Diabetes: an educational service for the care sector in East Anglia 

May 17, 2017

In the “My Diabetes, My Care” report by the Care Quality Commission (updated 20 September 2016) one of the recommendations was that “diabetes training is made available for care workers to help them to fully support and care for people with diabetes”. 

Last Autumn “Panorama” (3 October 2016) and “Inside Out East” (24 October 2016) chose to cover the topic of diabetes and the impact this long-term condition has on lives if not adequately managed. Poorly treated/managed diabetes may lead to long term health problems (known as complications) such as amputation (toes, feet and even legs), kidney dialysis, blindness to name a few. Families have the right to expect that those caring for their loved one have the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. 

DUET diabetes - dedicated to delivering understanding, education and training to empower nurses and carers; enabling them to make a positive difference to those living with diabetes. 

For more information or an informal chat about your diabetes training needs contact Lynne Reedman: 

T: 01799 584178 

E: info@duetdiabetes.co.uk 

W: www.duetdiabetes.co.uk 

F: facebook.com/duetdiabetes

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