In the wake of recent findings outlining the serious infection risk posed to care homes by poor laundry practice, Electrolux Professional will be hosting a series of online seminars on how to improve Laundry Cycle Management and cut the chances of bacterial outbreaks in care environments. Given the often delicate nature of care industry residents, infection risk management is always on the radar for both operators and managers.

However, as revealed in Infection Prevention – an in-depth report on laundry hygiene in the care industry, a worrying 26% of care home operators and managers surveyed do not feel their laundry is managed in a way which completely avoids contamination. What’s more nearly a third of managers do not think their staff fully understand the difference between visual and hygienic cleanliness.

In order to tackle the findings, Electrolux Professional will be hosting a number of online events surrounding Infection Prevention throughout Q2 2016, at www.electrolux.co.uk/professional. The series will begin with two short webinars, one on ‘dirty laundry’ on 26th April, and one on ‘clean laundry’ 5th May, with the series culminating in a live debate on Infection Prevention with a panel of industry experts on 16th June.


Amanda Dufrane, Care Segment Manager at Electrolux Professional, comments: “Laundry has often gone under the radar when it comes to hygienic best practice in the care sector. However, it really is time to have an open an honest debate about how to best achieve complete hygiene transparency across the sector, to ensure that residents in the care sector are fully protected from the risk of infection through laundry.”

Amanda continues: “I would urge anyone involved with laundry in the care sector to spare the time to take part in the webinars. We hope that by bringing the Infection Prevention debate to the public’s attention through these webinars, we can truly demystify any misconceptions surrounding the safe handling of both dirty and clean laundry, and help instil the befits of adopting Laundry Cycle Management best practice among the nation’s care home operators and managers.”

A crucial part of Electrolux Professional’s Infection Prevention report is the manufacturer’s guide to Laundry Cycle Management – an eight-step process which ensures every element of the laundry cycle is monitored in order to significantly reduce the risk of contamination.

This validation-based system offers guidance on some of the processes which can often be forgotten by operators, such as the proper packaging and transportation of dirty laundry via dedicated routes, and the correct storing of clean linen to protect it from damage by micro-organisms. Crucially, the process can be applied to traditional laundry operations as well as those with a barrier system in place.

To register your interest in viewing the webinars, or attending the Infection Prevention debate in June, please visit www.electrolux.co.uk/professional.

To download a copy of Electrolux Professional’s report, Infection Prevention: A report on the important role of laundry cycle management in UK Care homes, click here <http://professional.electrolux.co.uk/News--Media/News/News/Laundry_Whitepaper_2015/> .

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