How Bathroom Adaptations Make for Easier Living

March 20, 2017

If you’re thinking about making changes to your bathroom, it’s key that you understand all of your options to ensure that your adaptations ensure maximum mobility. Bathroom fixtures and accessories should enable a person to move around as easily as possible. Your fixtures should also help to reduce the risks of falling and slipping.

Leading mobility aid retail providers Manage at Home are offering advice on choosing the best bathroom aids to help improve simple daily living.

Showers and Baths

There are loads of options you can consider to make your showers and baths as comfortable as possible. Before you choose your modifications, ask yourself if these changes will be for independent or assisted use.

For use in the shower, safety is often a top priority. Make sure you know which type of features will be best suited to your safety needs.

A common safety alteration for the shower is the shower stool. They can come in a variety of adjustments and styles – including commode stools, folding chairs, and height adjusted stools, designed to help you sit comfortably whilst in the shower. Other options include slip- resistant bath steps, great for securely getting in and out of the bath.

One of the riskiest areas for falls is the bathtub. Incorporating items like back covers, grab rails, and support wings provide extra stability when bathing. To make them a stylish and welcomed addition to your bathroom, be sure to look for these items in a range of different styles.

If you’re having trouble with adjusting your shower attachment, it’s worth exploring a range of different shower products. Take suction shower heads for example. They are easy to set up, and portable should you need it on-the-go.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to make your bathroom more mobility friendly, tap aids can be used throughout the house. You can conveniently install these for yourself, then twist and turn taps easily. This solution will remove the need for buying a whole new faucet system.

You should also look into height adjustments. Though it might take be one of the larger adaptations to make in your bathroom, lowering sinks and shower fixtures can provide a substantial level of comfort.


There are a range of different options available if you can no longer manage with your existing toilet.

A popular option is a toilet frame that you can use alongside your current toilet. Frames add support, as it allows you to easily move from a seated to an upright position. No matter the height of your toilet, frames give you the freedom to lift-up your bodyweight, but with minimal effort.

Commodes also have the benefit of being either static or portable options. This is an important option if your mobility is slightly more limited.

Another popular option is the raised toilet seats. The seats make for easier off and on access for the user. It simply brings up the overall height of the toilet, and adds more comfort for the user. The raised toilet seat also comes in a variety of shapes heights and styles, making it perfect for you to choose the right fit.

Now that you have the know-how on how best to modify your bathroom, consider branching out into accessibility modifications for other areas of the home.


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