How the EU Referendum Result might affect the NHS and Care Sector

The King's Fund released a paper this month about the main possible effects that Brexit could have on the NHS and the care sector.

In brief, the ones that will have most impact on the care sector are:

Staffing - as I have mentioned already, it's well known that the NHS is struggling to recruit and retain staff across the sectors and it's the same in the care sector. Approximately 80,000 of the 1.3 million works in Adult Social Care are from other EU countries. The King's Fund is suggesting that certain occupations are added to the Migration Advisory Committee's shortage occupation list however, this is not likely to include unskilled care workers and this will need addressing.

Regulation - The laws around The Working Time Directive, Regulation of Medicines and Medical Devices and common professional standards and education will all need to be written in their own UK law framework. If the UK government decides to repeal any or part of these, then this will have big implications on Employment contracts which would need rewriting and reissuing. A costly and time consuming burden for care home owners to consider.

For the full report, read here

If you're worried about how your care home finances may be affected by the Brexit and want to review your options, you are always welcome to get in touch. I'm here to help.

Care Home Open Day crosses the generations 

On the 17th June, care homes across the country enjoyed their second successful Care Home Open day, opening their doors to their local communities for a wide variety of events.

This Prestwich care home invited children from the local secondary school along for tea and cakes and had a lovely afternoon exchanging stories, news and gossip. Pupils reported back how much they had enjoyed the day and some made their own plans to visit again.

Other care homes ran events ranging from sports days to bring and buy sales to 'drop in for a cuppa and chat' and all deemed it a successful and useful day.

It's so important that Care Homes are seen as part of their local community and engage with local residents at every opportunity. Care Home Open day is helping to do just that and I hope it continues and that more and more homes join in the celebrations each year.

Well done to all of those homes who took place and if you missed it, don't worry, I'll be reminding everyone in plenty of time for 2017.


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