Infection Control with the FlipPad in a nursing home

In a Nursing Home where infection control is paramount, there is a requirement to clean surfaces with specialised medical wipes. Apple has indicated that the iPad can only be cleaned with a lint cloth. In fact they state that any other method of cleaning would invalidate the warranty. We solved the problem by placing the iPad Air 2 in a medical grade case called the FlipPad.

The FlipPad was designed to be cleaned with the harshest infection control sprays and sporicidal wipes. This includes high concentration chlorine bleach. These are the first chemicals to hand when combatting a Norovirus infection. C-Diff is particularly hard to eradicate and studies have shown that it can survive on hospital floors for up to 5 months.

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In a series of tests the Centre for Infectious diseases in Edinburgh indicated that C-Diff was resistant to infection control solutions and only high concentration (more than 1000ppm chlorine) was effective and only after prolonged exposure from 2 to 10 minutes* Journal of Medical Microbiology (2011), 60, 1218–1224

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Moving past the technical problems of building a medical grade case for the iPad, we have started to focus on how the FlipPad could be used in a nursing home. The obvious application is with a mobile infection control team who audit the effectiveness of the cleaning regime. Moving between rooms and disinfecting the FlipPad at regular points throughout the day. We are looking beyond this and regarding the FlipPad being used by the patient. They would be taking advantage of the handle to place it on a bed table and grandma using it to skype their family at home. Whether the family buy the FlipPad for their relation or whether the nursing homes decide to protect their patients with it has yet to be decided. The key point is they now have a choice.

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