Keeping those in your care safe in the bathroom

July 26, 2016

Safety and comfort is imperative for Seniors when looking at Carehomes. An important part of daily life is taken up in the bathroom. But unfortunately with age often come additional hurdles. Put it this way, things that often seem straightforward in later life often aren’t. For example when looking at just running a tap – suddenly we need to ensure that one has the strength to turn on a tap, the memory to turn off the tap and the safety in place as to not get burnt by the water that comes out of the tap.

A decrease in muscle strength in later life means we sometimes need just that little bit more support. Luckily we cater for just this. At we make sure that we stock a wide selection of easy turn ability line taps. With longer handles and easy to manoeuvre levers these taps are great when strength and dexterity is an issue. We also stock self closing taps which switch off after a certain time period ensuring there is never a flood. 

With the senseless death of yet another pensioner in a care home recently due to scalding it is again a reminder to care home providers to make every effort to ensure that the elderly under their care are not put at risk while remaining L8 compliant.

With L8 compliance comes the requirement for increased water temperature within the health and social care sector meaning more and more individuals may be susceptible to the serious risks from hot water. 

In the UK building regulations stipulate that hot water should be stored at no less than 60ºC and circulated at no less than 55ºC to prevent the growth of Legionella. But this can scald anyone, especially those who are vulnerable or use care services such as hospitals, care homes, social services, sheltered housing etc.

Many don’t realise that scalding can be fatal and often occurs during bathing or showering. In addition, severe scalding can also occur during hand washing and other personal hygiene exercises. You wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

NotJustTaps are experts in providing TMV valves and associated taps and showers. With our years of experience we are able to suggest the best solution to meet your care home requirements. NotJustTaps also supply Thermostatic temperature safe taps for Baths, Basins and Kitchens as well as Safetouch taps which incorporate anti-scald cool body technology.

In addition NotJustTaps supply TMV approved anti-scald showers for domestic, care home, nursing home and safe public use of showers. These thermostatic concealed and exposed shower systems suit all types of water pressure systems and come complete and ready to use.

NotJustTaps, experts in providing complete bathing solutions for the care home sector. Keeping those in your care safe in the bathroom!

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