Lollipop & Tinkerbell to Travel to Care Homes

September 5, 2017

Our lovely miniature ponies Lollipop & Tinkerbelle will travel to Residential/Care Homes even going in lifts to visit residents who are unable to leave their rooms. They are gentle and affectionate and the residents love interacting with the ponies and there are smiles all round.


The ponies wear special tabards to prevent any little accidents left behind which gives everyone peace of mind. Ponies are known to offer therapeutic benefits to the vulnerable , elderly and very young.


They are intuitive and respond to the emotions of the people around them. The ponies also enjoy the visits as they get the occasional piece of  forbidden cake or biscuit. 

Lollipop & Tinkerbell to Travel to Care Homes


We also appeared on Midlands Today back in January 2016  the link is


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