A new benchmark for macerator infection control

March 21, 2017

Haigh, who design and manufacture macerators worldwide, is embarking on a new era following the launch of new machines to dispose of pulp bedpans and human waste.


Macerators are already used by 85% of UK hospitals and are becoming increasingly popular in care homes as their use is highly linked to infection control.  Whilst Haigh already has a British engineering pedigree dating back over half a century, recent developments have been created through independent laboratory testing and with large district hospitals so that ward staff helped structure improvements.


This rigorous approach means unparalleled maceration but with configurations to respond to the evolving needs of cash-strapped inside the new quattro vanguard and excelorganisations who need this critical asset.  Active testing of every aspect of the machine has been analysed so improvements include a reduced operating noise (twice as quiet) plus infection prevention both inside and outside the machine and through the drainpipe.


Managing Director Stuart Anderson commented:


“In an industry where costs must be balanced with reliable equipment, it is incredibly important to commit to continued innovation and responsibility to help care providers.


The ability of our workforce to reinvent superfine maceration has been tremendous but, critically, we’ve supplied more choice with the new Vanguard and Excel macerators to make it affordable and personalised to the healthcare setting.”


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