Peace of mind for carers of those on multiple medications

May 19, 2017

Looking after elderly and ill patients can be a time-consuming and challenging job and it is sadly very easy for carers and relatives to make life-threatening mistakes when handling medications.

Those suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, dementia and raised cholesterol take a cocktail of medicines every day and this can be very hard to keep up with. Patients struggle with the number of pills they have to take and their prescription instructions and mistakes are regularly made by patients, paid care workers and people looking after their own relatives. 

Patients who live at home are often given the wrong drugs or no drugs at all. A recent study from the London School of Economics, Imperial College London and Oxford University studied research databases for home drug blunders and found that more than 90% of carers looking after people at home make potentially deadly errors with their medicines. Experts fear that thousands are being put in danger because drug administration at home is rarely monitored, potentially becoming a serious patient safety issue and another demand on the NHS. is a new free service ideal for those on multiple medications, which makes life easier for the patient and those caring for them. PillTime receives prescriptions electronically directly from the GP and delivers the medicine, pre-packed by a team of experienced pharmacists and delivered discreetly to a patient’s door via tracked mail service.

The patient’s medication is dispensed in easy to open pouches, organised in the order that you need to take them. Each pouch is clearly marked with the correct date and time of when the dose should be taken, making it easy to remember to take all of your tablets at the right time, every time and providing peace of mind. This service will make the job of any carer easier, reducing medication errors and improving patient safety.

pilltimeA service such as would highly benefit those suffering from conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney or heart problems, depressions or high blood pressure. The service is expected to enhance patient safety in the UK, decrease medication costs, and save nurses working time in the primary healthcare.

Daven Cassidy, lives in the West Midlands and takes 21 tablets a day after being diagnosed with heart failure and having a pacemaker fitted. In the past she has doubled up on doses and has found managing her medications difficult:

"I have just received my first delivery from PillTime and I must admit I am amazed at how good the service is that I have received. Today when it arrived I checked the pouches in the boxes to find they are 100% correct, much better than my local pharmacy has ever managed. The fact that each pouch is dated, has the medication with a description in each listed and a time to take the contents is a real bonus. But the main convenience is not having to weekly make up dosset boxes that could take up to an hour at a time."

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