The provision of clean linen is a fundamental requirement of care

As identified by the Department of Health in its Health Technical Memorandum 01-04 - Decontamination of linen for health and social care:  “The provision of clean linen is a fundamental requirement of care”. Berendsen, a leader in outsourced laundry services for healthcare, has developed outsourced laundry services to the care sector, including residents’ clothing.

The company is fully compliant with the department of health’s CFPP 01-04 policy and guidance on the decontamination of linen for health and social care. This is evidenced through its certification to the BS EN14065 standard on bio-contamination control in processed textiles, which is accepted by the Department of Health as representing “best practice” in this area, well beyond the minimum requirements of HTM 01-04. Compliance is backed up by its own, in-house, UKAS-accredited microbiology laboratory.

Berendsen has invested in a state-of-the-art laundry unit to wash, pack and finishresidents’ clothing, which operates alongside a larger unit providing bed linen and towelling to hotel quality standards along with kitchen cloths and other ancillary items. 


Berendsen’s service offers benefits to care homes including:

• Compliance: Assured compliance to Department of Health Best Practice on disinfection and laundry, helping keep your residents safe from illness.

• Cost Savings: Potentially significant cost savings on laundry including a reduction in capital required.

• Simplicity: Removal of a difficult and time-consuming area for both management and care staff. • Time Savings: The potential to spend more time with residents rather than laundering garments. • Space Savings: Removal of in-house laundry equipment frees up space for other activities or even for another bedroom. • Improved Quality: Bed linen and towelling are supplied to hotel quality standards, while every item of residents clothing is washed and disinfected at cool temperatures to ensure it retains its size and shape. • Tracking and Traceability: Every item of linen or clothing is coded and scanned, reducing the risk of lost items. • Risk Reduction: Berendsen has multiple machines and many other locations, which will back up the service in the event of local issues, unlike a care home in-house laundry. Berendsen has backup transport capacity and additional linen available, to ensure a dependable service. The risk of fire can also be reduced through not having laundry equipment on site.

Please contact Berendsen for further information. A video of their residents’ clothing unit is on their website at


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