Step challenge improves health of staff and residents

November 4, 2016

Staff from a Hull and East Riding based care group have successfully completed a company-wide health and fundraising challenge, walking millions of miles to raise money for residents.

Teams of staff from Hica Group, a not for profit organisation which runs 20 residential care homes and 2 retirement villages, walked almost 34 million steps during the four week competition, raising £814 for their Shine Fund.
The winning group, the Albemarle Angels from Albemarle care home in Hedon, walked 2,300 miles, winning five Fitbit’s for their efforts.  Other teams were also recognised for the most creative ways to gain steps and for the best photographs, winning runners up prizes of books and chocolates. 

Penni Brown, chief executive of Hica Group, said: “The Step Challenge is a fantastic initiative as it supports the health and wellbeing of our team whilst also raising money for enriching activities for residents.
“The staff also include the residents in the challenge by putting on outdoor activities and group walks. It encourages new and different ways to stay fit and healthy for everyone, while the competitive element makes it fun.
“We have had fantastic feedback from those who took part, people have noticed a positive change in their fitness levels and some have managed to lose weight. The results have also encouraged other healthy changes in our staff, such as healthier diets and quitting smoking.”

step challenge
Winning team, The Abemarle Angels,
made up of staff from Albemarle care home, Hedon

The Hica Group Shine fund is topped up regularly through fundraising efforts of those involved in the organisation. Staff, residents and the local community often take part in sponsored walks, bake sales and fayres, as well as a company wide lottery. The money goes towards items to support residents including tablet computers, reminiscence pods to support residents with dementia and activities.

The Hica Group operates a portfolio of residential care homes for older people, those with dementia and those with learning difficulties. The Hull-based company also runs a home care service providing approximately 11,500 hours of support and care from four regional offices in the North of England. 


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