Sunrise of Eastbourne residents take virtual tour around the world

October 11, 2017

Residents at Sunrise of Eastbourne have been treated to an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) experience that allowed them to travel around the world.


Led by the company PrimeVR, residents were provided with a simple head set which gave them the chance to explore a wide range of exotic destinations, from the Great Wall of China to the Galapagos Islands. 


The tool offers exposure to around 600 places all across the globe, and enabled residents to re-visit some of their favourite places from trips of previous years.


PrimeVR’s sessions emphasise the social and personalised nature of Virtual Reality, with residents able to discuss with one another their experiences and memories, as inspired by their virtual trips.


This aspect of the initiative aligns closely with Sunrise of Eastbourne’s expert memory care, as it allows positive memories to be brought back to residents and then discussed with peers.


Jim and Betty, residents at Sunrise of Eastbourne who spent over an hour travelling from Paris through Egypt and finished off at the Milky Way, said, “It is extraordinary and very engaging to travel the world by just putting on a plastic headset.”           


Medical professionals have found numerous benefits from the VR experience, with relief being provided for those with chronic pain, on top of the benefits for individuals with dementia.


The VR experience is one example of the engaging and fulfilling experiences continually provided for residents at Sunrise of Eastbourne.


The care community provides an outstanding standard of dementia care, nursing and assisted living, all tailored to individual needs.


Tom Niedzialkowski, Activities & Volunteers Coordinator at Sunrise Eastbourne, said:


“We were delighted to welcome PrimeVR into our community, and it was great to see residents so enthused and excited by the virtual experiences that they were able to undertake.


“Being able to reach any corner of the globe and beyond is a very inspiring and empowering feeling that generates positive emotions and has a tremendous effect of the wellbeing of residents.


“Organising activities that stimulate the minds of residents, and provide opportunities for communication and connection, is a key part of what we do, and we look forward to exploring many different avenues for achieving this going forward.” 


Stuart Gent, Founder and Director of PrimeVR, said:


“It was fantastic to see our Virtual Reality initiative benefiting the residents at Sunrise of Eastbourne in more ways than one.


“While our programme has been found to have great positives on an educational level, it is very promising to see residents in a care setting getting a lot out of the experience, too.


“There are strong signs in terms of the positive impact that VR can have on memory, and we hope that many more care home residents across the country will be able to benefit from our innovative technology.”

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