Supporting Care Homes in Providing Quality Equipment for Growing Numbers of Residents

May 4, 2017

Over 15 million people in the UK are aged 60 and above[1], and this is expected to pass the 20 million mark by 2030[2]. With this in mind, care homes need to be adequately designed and equipped to cope with current and future arrivals of residents. This will ensure they can provide the best possible environment for residents with special needs and accessibility requirements, whether due to disability, illness or advanced years.


With the rising numbers of elderly people needing full-time or part-time care, the pressure will fall on care facilities to keep equipment and furniture in good condition, and replace broken or old items quickly, so as to keep residents comfortable at all times.


Improving accessibility, convenience and comfort within care homes, while vastly improving residents’ quality of life, can also enhance the profile of the accommodation. And, in the case of private sector homes, this can also bring in additional business. Through keeping on top of maintenance and quality product procurement, care homes can establish a good reputation for themselves and prevent any future struggle in coping with demand.


Jacqui Glenn, director at Argos for Business, says: “Providing continuous, high quality care for growing numbers of patients is a tall order, where equipment and furniture can wear out and become unfit for purpose very quickly. Keeping on top of these problems can be tough for care home managers, and support is often needed to help alleviate the burden of procurement and admin.


“We know that care homes sometimes need to purchase or replace items as they wear out, so that residents are not left in any discomfort. We have sourced a dedicated Independent Living range, stocking many of these essential items, which are available to order seven days a week. We also offer a Fast Track service on selected items such as walking sticks, grab rails and wheelchairs, allowing for same-day deliveries and collections. And, as we’re a nationwide service, there will always be an Argos close by if managers need to collect an item on short notice.



“Because we’ve sourced such a comprehensive range of these essentials, care home managers nationwide are able to get hold of the equipment they need from one place, rather than jumping from supplier to supplier. The range offers solutions for improving accessibility, as well as quickly replacing broken items to make residents’ lives more comfortable. Some are essential products that can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and access areas, including wheelchair ramps, suction grips, bed and wall rails, bath and shower stools, stair lifts and adjustable beds.


“Other essentials include wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking frames and sticks, massage, circulation and exercise equipment, health monitors, and household accessories, improving interiors and quality of life.”


Care home managers looking for help or more information on how Argos for Business can assist can visit:

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