Sunrise UK and Gracewell Healthcare tackle loneliness this Christmas

November 28, 2017

--- Over a million older people across England feel isolated and lonely at Christmas ---

All Sunrise Senior Living UK communities and Gracewell Healthcare homes are opening up their doors to older people who would have otherwise spent Christmas Day alone this festive season.

Both providers will be reaching out to older people in their local areas who previously had no one to spend Christmas with, and inviting them to their nearest Sunrise community on Monday 25th December.

Sunrise and Gracewell have communities and homes located across England and Wales and will be working with their local churches or charities to identify those people who would benefit most from participating. The people who are invited will be able to enjoy a scrumptious Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, festivities, entertainment and – most importantly – company.

Loneliness among older people is a serious reality; more than a million older people across England often feel ignored or invisible. This means they have no one to turn to for the support they need in tough times, but also often have no one with whom they can share the joys of life.


Christmas Day should be filled with warmth and happiness for all, and Sunrise UK and Gracewell Healthcare is showing their commitment to making that a reality for people in local areas and beyond.

Michael Burke, Senior Director of Operations at Sunrise and Gracewell, said:

“At Sunrise and Gracewell, we always aim to be hubs at the heart of the areas in which we serve. We love welcoming guests with open arms and never is that more important than on Christmas Day.

“We are all very much looking forward to the 25th December, and ensuring our guests know they have new friends around them.”

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