Technology to improve dementia care

RemindMeCare is a highly innovative, award winning Cisco/UCL backed software, that assists the care of the elderly, those with dementia, their carers and families. The system celebrates a life, strengthens links with family and tackles agitation, depression and isolation. Portable from home to dom, live-in, day care, residential and ward care, RemindMeCare is the only system that can provide bespoke reminiscence therapy by sourcing images, music and videos that are unique to the user. This also includes the means to store and share life stories, preferences and interests with carers and a care circle, as well as creating automated activity reports, which can also be stored and sent to the users’ family.

Carers report better engagement, families welcome remote connectivity and businesses benefit from a suite of innovative cost saving management tools. RemindMeCare builds a better care experience for the person and their families.

But RemindMeCare goes further. For, as well as enhancing the care process it also aims to achieve a return on investment for businesses, by assisting in client acquisition, care assessment and acute care planning, daily management, reminiscence therapy and activity planning, whilst also providing family, admin and CQC reporting. In summary, RemindMeCare saves far more than it costs.


RemindMeCare requires little training and is a standalone system with no software legacy issues or set up costs. A portable care system that stays with the person as they transfer between care facilities, there is also the option of inbuilt activities coordinator and training modules. Easy to use and fun, RemindMeCare can be bespoke enhanced to fit the needs of the care organisation.

Designed by the big groups, but affordable and ideal for the independent care business, RemindMeCare fills the gaps where there currently is no tech available and in doing so saves, even generates, money significantly. To learn more, watch the videos here.

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