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There are an estimated 5,153 nursing homes and 12,525 residential homes in the UK (Age UK), this equates to a large strain of washing needing to be processed in an efficient and hygienic way. This vast quantity combined with the high standard of hygiene required can put stress on any care establishment if not processed in an effective way.


Within the care industry there are a lot of responsibilities for owners and managers that are vital in keeping care homes in business and upholding a good reputation, one of these being cleanliness. It is imperative to comply with health and safety regulations. Care home owners know only too well that they have a duty of care and responsibility to their patients to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and to ensure that their environment is kept safe and sanitised.

THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMERCIAL MACHINES - professional quality for professional businesses.

This is where Miele commercial washing machines come in. German built for reliability and longevity they offer a complete laundry solution with a variety of wash programmes and settings built into the machine to cater for almost every laundry requirement. Many Miele washing machines are also WRAS approved and conform with water authority regulations, this is a major benefit for any care setting as it shows compliance.

The Miele PW6065 Vario Commercial Washing Machine is Miele Professional’s best selling model and is particularly popular in a care setting. It is easy to see why with the many benefits it comes with:

1. Achieve a truly thorough clean with sluice and thermal disinfection washing capability, imperative for killing bacteria and germs that the laundry items are exposed to. These washes are of a HSG(95) 18 standard, which not only means compliance but the very best laundry results.

2. Utilising this machine provides a service that complies with the care quality commission (CQC) standards, under the ‘Premises and Equipment’ title. This is one of the standards that all care homes must meet with by law.

3. These robust machines help to minimise cross contamination and aid infection control because they deep clean your linen, towels, tablecloths and more. This prevents the spread of diseases amongst vulnerable people who have very weak immune systems.

4. There is an added option to have a tumble dryer with your machine, the PW6065 is stackable so if space is limited this model is the ideal solution. You can operate a complete professional laundry set up in less than 1 square meter.

5. Other features of this model include a larger drum opening for easy loading and unloading and a simple and fast programme selection.

6. Miele commercial washing machines make optimum use of water and energy, and are built with powerful heaters for fast heating up of water and shorter cycles - speeding up the laundry process.

Your trusty representative

Allsop & Francis are the leading Miele supplier in the UK and have been the number 1 Miele Professional Partner for the past 10 years. This year we celebrate 25 years in business and it’s easy to see why with an incredible repairs and maintenance service that keeps your machine going for longer, minimising downtime.

We also provide a consultation service to establish, based on your businesses needs, what the most suitable machine is. This service includes discussing available space, how much washing needs to be processed and how often, as well as the available water and power supply. This information provides our technicians with a clear picture of the type machine that fits your exact specification.

Call Allsop & Francis today to find out more: 01243 555525.

The Miele PW6065 Vario commercial washing machine

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