Active Minds Launches Innovative Multi-Sensory Reminiscence Product

Dementia activity company, Active Minds, are launching a first-of-its-kind reminiscence activity incorporating sound and smell for people with mid- to late-stage dementia

As dementia progresses it can become increasingly hard for carers to provide appropriate games or activities for people living with the later stages of the condition. Spotting a gap in their product list, dementia activity specialists, Active Minds, decided to create Scentscape, a unique multi-sensory reminiscence activity designed especially for people with mid- to late-stage dementia that launches this  on 20th July.

Are You Using The Correct Charger?

Way back in 1831, British scientist, Michael Faraday, discovered electromagnetic induction.  This process is pretty much the same principle in respect of how we make use of electricity today. Electricity is a reliable form of energy that's essential in our modern and technology-filled lifestyles. It provides light, it cools our homes on hot summer days and heats them in winter.  And, where would we be in our digital world if we were unable to charge our devices.

AKW transforming 31 dementia-friendly bathrooms at Grade II listed Lypiatt Lodge, Cheltenham

AKW, the UK’s leading manufacturer of accessible bathroom solutions, has completed the first phase in the renovation of 31 luxury dementia-friendly en-suite bathrooms at the Grade II listed Lypiatt Lodge nursing home. Situated in a striking period house in the heart of Cheltenham, Lypiatt Lodge provides specialist nursing care to residents with both long term and respite needs. The nursing home was acquired by Fidelia Care Limited in 2015 and, after evaluating the needs of residents and assessing the home’s existing facilities, the new owners decided to undertake a full refurbishment of the property in order to update the site and better support residents, especially those with dementia.

NACC welcomes all Sunrise and Gracewell care homes

Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare have become the first care providers to sign up all of their sites to the National Association of Care Catering (NACC). Sunrise, who acquired Gracewell in 2014, have committed all 45 of their UK-wide care homes to membership of the NACC, a body that champions high quality care catering in the UK. Although selected Sunrise and Gracewell staff members were previously signed up to the NACC, all Head Chefs and Dining Services Coordinators working at any of their care communities will now have full access to the NACC’s various forums and competitions.

Leading Care provider has ambitions to raise Dementia awareness


One of Scotland’s leading housing and care providers is giving its colleagues additional training in a bid to help raise more awareness of dementia.  Edinburgh based charity Blackwood is rolling out training in Dementia Care Awareness for 450 members of staff across Scotland after Alzheimer Scotland reported more than 90,000 people are currently living with the disease.

The ‘Promoting Excellence in Dementia Care’ training programme will provide staff with an insight into recognising the initial signs and symptoms of the disease as well as allowing them to be better equipped, more confident and offer a more personal approach in their interactions with customers who have been diagnosed.

Law on smoking in residential care homes


In today's blog, DB Fire Safety Ltd. would like to bring you up-to-date in respect of how the law affects residents who want to smoke in residential care homes.  As may already know, it is an individual's right to continue to smoke when in care.

According to the law, residential care homes are exempt from the smoke-free legislation. Although it is not a legal requirement, designated indoor smoking rooms and/or bedrooms can be made available for use by those residents wishing to smoke indoors.  It is, however, not a legal requirement to provide a bedroom.

If a residential care home designates such a smoking room, the following requirements must be met.

Infection Control with the FlipPad in a nursing home

In a Nursing Home where infection control is paramount, there is a requirement to clean surfaces with specialised medical wipes. Apple has indicated that the iPad can only be cleaned with a lint cloth. In fact they state that any other method of cleaning would invalidate the warranty. We solved the problem by placing the iPad Air 2 in a medical grade case called the FlipPad.

The FlipPad was designed to be cleaned with the harshest infection control sprays and sporicidal wipes. This includes high concentration chlorine bleach. These are the first chemicals to hand when combatting a Norovirus infection. C-Diff is particularly hard to eradicate and studies have shown that it can survive on hospital floors for up to 5 months.

Re:Cognition Health: the UK's brain and mind experts championing cognitive health

Re:Cognition Health is a pioneering cognitive health clinic in the heart of London, specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people of all ages showing symptoms of cognitive impairment, including memory loss and dementia. Dementia is an umbrella term that describes progressive cognitive impairment, which is severe enough to prevent people from performing normal daily activities and can include symptoms of memory loss, problems with language, slow thought patterns and difficulty solving problems. Dementia currently affects 850,000 people in the UK, with one person diagnosed with a form of dementia every three minutes. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia.

Omnicell launches OMNICELL EMAR to improve Medication Management

Almost 70% of care home residents have experienced at least one error in their medication regime (1). Omnicell UK & Ireland, a leading provider of medication adherence packaging and automated healthcare solutions, has launched a new automated medication management system that will help tackle this serious issue by reducing the risks associated with using a paper medication administration record (MAR) sheet in a managed care home.

How to help your loved one with dementia eat well


Caring for a loved one with dementia comes with many challenges, one of which is ensuring that your loved one eats and drinks properly. After all, a healthy diet is an important part of their wellbeing. People with dementia may experience a change in appetite; most commonly, they may lose interest in food and feel less hungry as a result. You may also find that their tastes change, so they could suddenly dislike foods that they once loved (and vice versa). This can lead to mealtimes being challenging, or even stressful – not just for your loved one, but for those caring for them (that’s you).

Deodorise Carpets & Upholstery quickly and easily.

The first universal step in deodorization is to find and eliminate the source of the odour, in general terms this ‘source’ is described as ‘soil’ and removal is achieved by cleaning. Although there are many different methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning the most efficient method when dealing with body fluids and food spillages is the Injection / Extraction method. 

Legend Brands Europe are launching a range of injection extraction machines on to the European market.  Manufactured by our parent company in America, using what we believe to be the best quality components available and with “state of the art” modern design, we are expecting them to be popular both with the user and the owner. These machines are designed for professional use in commercial environments.

The MP’s View: Advancing Hand Hygiene Compliance in the NHS


Andrea Jenkyns, MP for Morley and Outwood and founder of the ‘Handz’ hand hygiene campaign, refocuses the attention that must be paid to the prevention of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).  After personally experiencing the devastating impact of HCAIs, and recent data indicating a rise of the number of cases recorded, Ms Jenkyns is calling for urgent action to improve hand hygiene compliance across the NHS. The 21st century NHS is facing many challenges, one of these being an increase in HCAIs. A number of healthcare workers are failing to adhere to adequate hand hygiene practises whilst at work, causing infections to hospital patients to spread. This is a pertinent concern which must be looked into, sooner rather than later.

Rotherwood Training

Our aim is to deliver engaging courses through online, classroom and bespoke training. We strive to cater for individuals and organisations alike with our scalable packages and license packages. Providing you with the knowledge to exceed expectations, stay compliant and make a difference to the individuals you support. Rotherwood Training - a new standard in healthcare

Care Certificate Discount

To celebrate the launch of Rotherwood Training we’re offering our Care Certificate at a discounted price of £20. Order now to start your learning journey and keep yourself compliant with CQC regulations.

WDF Funding on Care Certificates


A Glasgow Care Home is offering its residents the chance to get ‘in-and-about’ with the creation of its very own indoor garden.

Bupa’s Wyndford Locks Care Home on Currie Street has converted a previously under-used space into a relaxing and comfortable garden environment, complete with an astro-turf hedge, sky blue ceiling with painted clouds, garden furniture and stonework wallpaper to create the effect of an outside wall. 

An array of indoor plants have also been selected to contribute the sights and smells of an everydaygarden, as well as a carefully designed interior, and the area is open to all residents and visitors to enjoy on a daily basis.

Local care home wins national award for dementia-friendly sensory garden innovation

Residents and staff at Pitcairn Lodge Care Home in Kirkton are celebrating after their creative dementia garden project won a national award for ‘Best Community Initiative’.

The initiative, which is the brainchild of Pitcairn Lodge’s Deputy Manager Carole Laing, was to create a sensory garden to enhance the lives of residents living with dementia. Inspired by National Gardening Week, the care home entered into a national competition run by care provider Embrace Group, which operates Pitcairn Lodge.

Residents, their loved ones, staff, and volunteers all mucked in for the project. Residents took particular delight in advising on flower choices during a trip to the local FoxLane garden centre, and mucking in with outdoor planting.

Fire Safety Concerns at Peterborough Hospital

DB Fire Safety was interested to read recently in that Peterborough City Hospital has still not complied with instructions from the region's fire service to make the hospital safe. According to Peterborough Today, the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service has issued an Enforcement Notice on the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after becoming aware that defects at the hospital are four times worse than previously found.

The Enforcement Notice was issued on the 22nd March.  There is remedial work to be carried out but, in the meantime, the fire service will work with the hospital managers to ensure that the risks are reduced as far as practicable.

Derbyshire Dignity Award won by Chesterfield home

HOLMEWOOD Care Home has been awarded The Derbyshire Dignity Award for services provided to residents and their families. The Chesterfield home has 40 beds and provides tailored residential and day care to meet residents' individual needs. 

The award, issued by Derbyshire County Council, recognises Holmewood's person centered care and their dignity protection processes and procedures for residents living with dementia. It also recognises the home's involvement of families with care planning for their loved ones, giving the residents a voice, as well as activities and events and end of life care.

How a degree could boost your career in care

Do you work in healthcare and want to progress to a management role? Have you considered training to take your career in health and social care to the next level, but think you don’t have the time? If so, a degree course from Arden University could provide an ideal solution.  Arden’s BA (Hons) in Healthcare Management: The course is a full-time degree, with part-time hours. Teaching is compressed into two- threefull days, to help students fit study around work, family, and other life commitments. 

How and where is it taught?

Sutton expands dementia care service after improved quality of care and support for families and carers

Sutton’s specialist dementia nursing service has been expanded after it was found to improve care for people with dementia and provide increased support for carers. The Admiral Nurse Service, which is co-funded by Sutton Council and NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), has increased the number of its specialist nurses who support local families living with dementia from one to four thanks to significant additional funding by NHS Sutton CCG.