Rhyme and reason - dementia sufferer leads poetry group

A 76-year-old published poet who rediscovered her love of teaching and writing poetry has established a poetry group for dementia sufferers, despite also suffering with the disease herself. The former Lewes resident, whodoes not want to be named, was diagnosed with dementia a number of years ago and began living at specialist dementia care home, Clifden House in Seaford, earlier this year. She now leads a regular poetry class for fellow dementia sufferers, and said: “It’s so nice to be back in the limelight”.

Care Home Management - Hoists and Lifting


For an older person or someone living with complex physical disabilities, accepting care and support with day-to-day activities can be challenging – not least because when your mobility becomes limited and you’re faced with the loss of your sense of independence you may feel confused, fearful, guilty or even angry. Care may come from a variety of places, from relatives and friends to care assistants, and the equipment could soon include a wheelchair, stairlifts, access ramps, lifts and hoists.  

BBC launch new online tools to help people living with dementia as part of special season

The BBC is launching a range of new online tools to mark Dementia Awareness weeks around the UK.

The tools - ‘RemArc’ and ‘Your Memories’ – have been developed by the BBC to help trigger conversations and memories amongst those living with dementia.  They will continue to be accessible to audiences, including those living with dementia and brain injury and their carers, in the future. Alongside this the BBC has produced two special online iWonder guides and a large range of associated programming on the subject of dementia.

Living Longer at Home with Cognitive Disorders

Huge steps are being made in research on cognitive and mobility disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – it’s now thought that exercise can reduce brain ageing by a decade and studies using antibodies to block Alzheimer’s symptoms are well advanced. Both conditions can lead to deterioration in quality of life and have a range of symptoms that can make home life difficult. That said, there's a lot that can be done to make life at home safer and more enjoyable.

Through the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG), local governments provide up to £30,000 per application in England (£36,000 in Wales and £25,000 in Northern Ireland) for a range of home improvements. What you might get from the grant is based on where you live and how much you earn or have saved.

Active Minds Roll Out their Complete Kit with Greensleeves Care Homes

Since 2010, Active Minds have been designing evidence-based activity products for professional and family carers of people living with dementia. Over this time, the company has become familiar with the challenges faced by professional care settings when delivering planned and unplanned activity sessions to those with dementia or people experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline.

Fire safety in care homes

Fire safety is important in any industry but it’s especially crucial in care homes, where a large number of people depend on your knowledge to keep them safe in an emergency. Here, industrial equipment retailer Slingsby discusses the fire safety risk assessment process and how to implement precautionary measures throughout any care home.

1. Identify the hazards

In a care home, they can be a number of potential hazards. A fire can start if oxygen, fuel and a source of ignition come together, so you should do all you can to prevent this from happening. While oxygen is ever-present, some potential hazards you may come across include:

Biomass technology keeps elderly warm at green care home

John Mallinson manager of Rose Hill, Aglionby, Carlisle and Ben Tansey of re:heat. A team of biomass experts have installed a wood pellet heating system into a Cumbrian care home to keep its residents warm and comfortable. re:heat worked for 18 months with the owners of the Rosehill residential home at Aglionby, near Carlisle, to design a purpose-built, sustainable heating system to replace inefficient oil-fired boilers.

The launch of our Well Pad

Well, the largest independent pharmacy in the UK, has recently introduced innovative technology, the Well Pad, as part of its Well Careplus offering. Well has been offering personalised healthcare in the heart of communities for over 70 years and its Careplus programme helps to provide a care home service designed around carers and residents. The Well Pad was developed to revolutionise medicine management in care homes, enabling carers to provide effective treatment for residents, while helping to cut medicine wastage by up to £195 per resident per year.

Key Steps To Effective CQC Compliant Legionella Management

“Simple Solutions. Safe Residents. Secure Reputation.”

If you own or manage premises for your Care Home, you must adhere to CQC regulations and the Approved Code of Practice (L8) to protect your residents against the spread of Legionnaires’ disease, which is an illness that can be especially fatal to the elderly, or those with existing medical conditions. You have a legal duty to identify water based appliances at risk from Legionella bacteria to implement sufficient control measures.

Here are 5 simple steps you should follow to ensure the safety of your residents and the security of your business reputation:

Coaching is a short term investment which provides long term benefits

The Care Quality Commission have highlighted the significant interrelationship between leadership and quality of service. The challenge facing the sector is how to recruit and retain strong leaderswho can deliver safe, quality services. At Dyllis Faife Coaching we understand your issues.

We know that it’s a struggle to engage managers and show you value and appreciate them. One way is to invest in coaching. We offer a combination of senior management experience, knowledge of inspection and regulation and expert professional coaching skills. We use our expertise to support you by providing specialisist leadership and management coaching.

Our coaching service supports your managers to improve their performance. They will be able to

DB FIRE SAFETY LIMITED - The Fire Safety Order 2005

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires, amongst other things, that all businesses (including Residential Care and Nursing Homes) ensure that there is always an up-to-date fire risk assessment. It also requires that staff receive training in fire safety.

Staff at DB Fire Safety have over 25 years’ experience in providing fire safety support to businesses and organisations throughout England & Wales. We specialise in carrying out fire risk assessments and also provide training courses in general fire safety awareness and for senior staff as fire marshals. Although we prefer to train staff in their work location, we also offer specialist E-Learning courses.


The most rigorous regime to test maximum weight capacity is applied by Pressalit Care to give ultimate peace of mind and confidence to users of its range of accessible bathroom products. Pressalit Care’s washroom and sanitary ware is specifically designed to improve bathroom use for those with limited mobility. Its products, many of which can be adjusted vertically or horizontally for greatest flexibility, include shower seats, washbasins, arm rests and handrails, with each put through rigorous testing procedures to ensure it is able to withstand even the most extreme real-life situations.

Country Court Care choose Duplex

Following a recent trial of the Duplex cylindrical brush floor care machine with steam, Country CourtCare decided it would be the perfect partner to improve and maintain the standards of cleanliness they strive for in their homes. With an ever increasing diversity of floor finishes the Duplex was able to make a noticeable difference to all surfaces without the use of chemicals. The Group have already installed machines into four of their homes and plan a steady rollout to the remaining sites in the coming months.

When Cooking – Keep Looking

DB Fire Safety has learnt this week that there have been five house fires across Lincolnshire recently.  Fire crews have been called out to properties in Gainsborough, Grantham, Lincoln and Sleaford. It was reported that one of the fires was caused by a man cooking some lamb chops which he left unattended.  Two more involved chip pans which had caught fire.

Technology to improve dementia care

RemindMeCare is a highly innovative, award winning Cisco/UCL backed software, that assists the care of the elderly, those with dementia, their carers and families. The system celebrates a life, strengthens links with family and tackles agitation, depression and isolation. Portable from home to dom, live-in, day care, residential and ward care, RemindMeCare is the only system that can provide bespoke reminiscence therapy by sourcing images, music and videos that are unique to the user. This also includes the means to store and share life stories, preferences and interests with carers and a care circle, as well as creating automated activity reports, which can also be stored and sent to the users’ family.

Safe cold chain medicine management

How your pharmacy fridge can assist with compliance, safety and cost

In the Care Quality Commission’s recently published The state of health care and adult social care 2014/15, the CQC remarked that their biggest concern was the safety of services in social care, yet this was the key question for which providers were most likely to get an inadequate rating. One of the safety failings most frequently seen by CQC inspectors was medicine management. The CQC often found in residential care that ‘medicines are not administered properly, and some are out of date and not stored properly’.

Fire Risk Assessments for Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)

It was reported recently that a property landlord in Nottingham was fined over £3,000 because he was negligent in protecting his tenants from the risk of fire. The amount of the fine is sending out a strong message to landlords the importance of protecting their tenants from these risks.

You may be thinking that the law is only in place for people running a business and renting out several properties. You will be wrong in this assumption. The law also applies to private individuals looking to rent out their properties – all landlords have a duty of care to their tenants.