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Drinking Water Systems In Care Homes – Removing Human Error

Drinking Water Systems

The task of hydrating residents in a care home has its own unique challenges. When it comes to the drinking water system, the emphasis has to be on hygiene – the consequences of ignoring this can be dire for vulnerable residents.

World Health Organization, Water, Sanitation and Health Guidance states: "Water is a basic nutrient for the human body and is critical to human life. It supports the digestion of food, absorption, transportation and use of nutrients and the elimination of toxins and wastes from the body."

Something In The Water

Something In The Water

A consistent and reliable supply of hot water is vital for any care home. Here, Chris Meir, sales director at Andrews Water Heaters, discusses how effective water treatment can prolong the life and performance of a hot water system.
Safeguarding the performance of the hot water system should be a top priority for any care establishment. With the health of potentially vulnerable residents dependent on good hygiene and sanitation, impaired operation of water heating equipment can have significant consequences. Not only does regular maintenance reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, ensuring essential facilities stay up and running, but also it helps water heaters to continue working at maximum efficiency.

Waterchemist Ltd - specialise in monitoring of water services


Waterchemist Ltd is a small independent family based company who specialise in monitoring of water services in nursing homes, retirement homes, surgeries, private hospitals or any building which has water services.  

We are based in Staffordshire but operate throughout the UK.  We have been trading for many years.

It is important today, with all the legislation, to keep up to date with current codes of practice.  Legionnaires Disease is around and can be fatal. Health Authorities are trying to ensure that properties within their jurisdiction are suitably prepared to combat Legionella before it develops. Legionella Risk Assessments are important and we can organise these through our independent and qualified Legionella Risk Assessor.

Aquarius Water Solutions Ltd

Aquarius Water Solutions Ltd

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia, contracted by inhaling airborne water droplets containing viable Legionella bacteria. Such droplets can be created, for example, by: hot and cold water outlets; atomisers; wet air conditioning plant; and whirlpool or hydrotherapy baths.
Anyone can develop Legionnaires’ disease, but the elderly, smokers, alcoholics and those with cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory or kidney disease are at more risk.
Health and social care providers should carry out a full risk assessment of their hot and cold water systems and ensure adequate measures are in place to control the risks.

Key Steps To Effective CQC Compliant Legionella Management

“Simple Solutions. Safe Residents. Secure Reputation.”

If you own or manage premises for your Care Home, you must adhere to CQC regulations and the Approved Code of Practice (L8) to protect your residents against the spread of Legionnaires’ disease, which is an illness that can be especially fatal to the elderly, or those with existing medical conditions. You have a legal duty to identify water based appliances at risk from Legionella bacteria to implement sufficient control measures.

Here are 5 simple steps you should follow to ensure the safety of your residents and the security of your business reputation: