Bristol based charity nominated for two awards in the National Dementia Care awards 2017

Rosewood house

Bristol based charity Alive has been selected as finalists for the 'Best Dementia Training Initiative' and the 'Arts and Creativity in Dementia Care' categories in the National Dementia Care Awards 2017. 


Alive is the leading charity putting older people’s mental health and wellbeing at the heart of care across the UK. Specialising in providing creative activities that engage older people in care meaningfully, they inspire care staff through innovative training programmes, giving them the knowledge and skills to engage with older people and improve their day to day wellbeing.  


Alive’s Chief Executive, Simon Bernstein, said  


Birds of a feather - art collaboration in Sussex bridges the generation gap


Children from across Sussex are collaborating with leading dementia care home in Seaford to produce an extravagant artwork.  


The Creative Instincts club at St. Nicholas primary, Portslade has created hand-crafted textiles that are now in the hands of former art teacher, Verna Rose. Verna, who resides at Clifden House, dementia care centre, is tasked with compiling these elements to create a very large textile peacock.


Nial Joyce of Clifden House said: “Verna is using problem solving skills to design and assemble inspired by the children’s work and, as a former art teacher, is clearly enjoying the challenge.


Protecting incontinence-associated dermatitis with evidence-based innovation and treatment

The skin is an amazing structure. Forming a barrier between our tissues and the world that we live in. Making us waterproof and keeping water in. Protecting us against UV light but playing a part in Vitamin D synthesis. Protecting deeper tissues from injury and containing nerve endings that allow us to detect temperature, pain, as well as the texture of surfaces that we touch. Most importantly, however, it provides a fantastic barrier to infectious agents: we are constantly under attack but the skin architecture, tears and saliva protect us.




At CareFlex we have confidence and pride in our specialist seating and the positive changes we know it can have on people’s lives.  Careflex has over 20 years’ experience providing seating that is tailored to suit a wide range of requirements and needs.  Chairs are highly durable, adjustable and adaptable, easy to clean and designed to provide ultimate comfort and excellent pressure relief.  CareFlex seating is ideal for multi-user care environments.   And, of course, for people in their own homes. 

Visit us on stand G104 at the Care & Dementia Show where Tony and Les will be pleased to discuss your requirements and answer all your questions.


The power of drama, music and dance in helping people with dementia

drama workshop

The Beth Johnson Foundation (BJF) and older people’s charity, Anchor, have launched a new report that recommends the innovative use of drama, music and dance in care homes to help people living with dementia.


‘Experiences of Being’ details the use of drama, music and dance in 17 care homes across Surrey run by Anchor, England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for older people. The report shows the positive effect it has, particularly for those living with dementia, the biggest cause of death in the UK.


The study, funded by the Beth Johnson Foundation, found that creative activities can soothe and stimulate at the same time, bring back memories from the past, and help to engage underused but still active areas of the brain.


How is the social care sector being revolutionised by new technology?


It’s a well known fact that technology is revolutionising the way we live; the proof lies in widely discussed technological advances in the automotive, healthcare and engineering industries over recent decades. 


Even the social care sector is experiencing digital advances that are set to change the way people look for care services. The digital revolution within the industry is improving communication and administration and we're already seeing a positive impact on how care services and support are delivered to people.


World Alzheimer’s Day celebrated in Rotherham

Alzheimer’s Day

WORLD Alzheimer’s Day was celebrated at a Rotherham care home with a tea party.


Broadacres Care Home, on Naylor Street, Parkgate, held one of many celebrations around the country marking the international day.


The event aims to raise awareness of dementia and generate support for the 850,000 individuals living with the condition in the UK alone.


Staff at the home organised afternoon tea and cakes for the residents and visitors.


Among them was Rotherham Deputy Mayor Cllr Alan Buckley and his wife Deputy Mayoress Sandra Buckley.


National drive to reduce medication errors in care homes

medication tolley

Omnicell is calling for care homes in the UK to look again at the way they administer medication to residents and patients. It’s astounding to think that some homes are still relying on original pack dispensing alone to administer complex medication regimens to dozens of residents. It’s an unsafe and unnecessary practice that the industry needs to work together to tackle.

The key safe company to visit community care live

key safe

Mechanical leaders in key safes, The Key Safe Company will be showcasing its range of access solutions at Community Care Live held at the Business Design Centre in London.

Community Care Live, which is being held on Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 27th of September, is the UK’s largest,  free-to-attend social work event and features innovations such as a new Legal Learning Hub, and also extensive training sessions.

Survey Reveals a Severe Lack of Support for Carers supporting people with Alzheimer’s

A recent survey conducted by Hales Care has found that 65 percent of UK carers have suffered emotional and mental health problems themselves whilst caring for a friend or relative with Alzheimer’s, with 75 percent of carers feeling there is not enough research being done around the disease.  


Having carried out the survey since care funding cuts were announced by the UK Government, Hales Care has found that 95 percent of carers surveyed felt there is not enough care funding information available to them, with 65 percent revealing there is not enough education about the disease.


7 Unique Benefits Of Live-In Care

Did you know that up to 97% of people would prefer to remain in their own homes whilst receiving support? With so little information available about provisions such as live-in care, people can often be left settling for services which do not fully satisfy their wishes and needs.

These figures highlight a real need for more resources that not only help people find live-in care services but also explain the distinctive benefits of professional support in the home. The '7 Benefits Unique To Live-In Care' info-graphic can help you understand the ways in which your life or the lives of loved ones can be transformed by choosing live-in care.

Innovative Housing and Care Experts to Host Sports Themed AGM

Innovative Housing and Care Experts to Host Sports Themed AGM

A SPECIALIST housing and care provider is putting a sporting twist on its annual general meeting by hosting various events from powerchair football to wheelchair basketball to promote the importance of health and wellbeing.
Edinburgh-based Blackwood Homes and Care has earned a reputation for its highly creative and engaging yearly showcases, which feature life-changing technology and innovative displays.
This year’s AGM will be no different and has been designed to encourage tenants to try new activities by providing them with the opportunity to trial the various sports first hand.

Clydebank Care Home Planning Tuck Shop Treat To Help Tackle Dementia, Thanks To Pub Donation

Clydebank Care Home Planning Tuck Shop Treat To Help Tackle Dementia, Thanks To Pub Donation

Bupa’s Hill View Care Home is planning to install a new tuck shop, thanks to a generous donation from a Clydebank pub.


Each year, customers and colleagues at the Mountblow Bar on Dumbarton Road rally together to raise money for a local good cause. This year Cheryl Sweeney, a member of the bar staff, chose Bupa’s Hill View Care Home to be the recipient, as her grandparents were residents at the home until they passed away.

Visitors to experience hypos at diabetes healthcare event

Hypos (hypoglycaemic events) are one of the most common complications of diabetes. They happen when blood sugar levels fall too low, and symptoms include blurred vision, disorientation, dizziness and difficulty focusing.

But how many healthcare professionals have experienced what it really feels like to have a hypo?

Now, for the first time, HCPs involved in diabetes care will get the chance to put themselves in their patients’ shoes at Diabetes Professional Care 2017 (DPC2017). A new Hypo Hub* feature includes a Simulation Station where, with the aid of a virtual reality headset, visitors can experience the effects of having a hypoglycaemic event first hand.


Biometric Access Contol Offers Real Benefits To Care Homes

Biometric Access Contol Offers Real Benefits To Care Homes

Modern biometric scanners from ievo Ltd, the Newcastle-based manufacturer of biometric recognition systems, are giving care homes both enhanced security and reliable data.


Swipe cards, numeric key pads and other traditional methods of access security are rapidly being replaced by more convenient biometric technology within the Care Home sector, providing enhanced security for residents and vital time and cost saving benefits to allow staff more time to provide the personal care their residents deserve.


Elderly pedal power raises funds for allotment and charity

Elderly pedal power raises funds for allotment and charity

ELDERLY care home residents cycled over 14 miles to raise funds for an allotment and the Alzheimer’s Society.


Specially adapted bicycles allowed the residents of Waverley Lodge Care Home, in Lemington, Newcastle, to cover the distance and raise over £450.


They were joined by staff, family and friends, who all cycled from the home, on Bewick Crescent, to Wylam Hills Farm and back.


The bicycles were rented from Newburn Leisure Centre, which had them made to enable elderly and those with a disability to take part in cycling.


What To Look Out For In Care Homes

When we think about people who need to live in a full-time care home, we normally think about the elderly or the vulnerable.

It can be difficult for both the family and the person going into care to adjust to the new living situation and it can be difficult for the family or friends of the loved one going into care knowing that they were unable to look after them anymore and feel an element of guilt. But it’s important that they’re given assurance that the care home will be able to look after them.

Innovation in care homes a networking event


International Lawn Tennis Centre, Devonshire Park, College Road, Eastbourne BN21 4JJ


You are invited to our event to discuss how to manage sustainable care homes.


As a care provider, this event has been designed to save you time in finding out the latest innovations in your sector, as well as allow you networking time with your peers.


One morning of intensive, 5-minute mini meetings will allow you to quickly meet our hand picked suppliers, who can help you deal with fuel poverty, reduce running costs and support health and wellbeing of your residents.


The Key Safe Company To Return To The Care Show

The Key Safe Company To Return To The Care Show

Market leaders in key safes, The Key Safe Company will be returning to the 2017 Care Show held at the NEC in Birmingham for the second year running.

During the two day event, which starts on Tuesday the 10th of October, visitors to the show will be able to witness first hand and discuss with a team of experts the industry-leading One Touch Personal Alarm and the Supra C500 KeySafe™.

The One Touch Personal Alarm is a personal monitoring system, which, unlike many traditional services, allows the wearer to travel outside their home. It operates using a roaming SIM and allows the end user to alert up to three contacts in the event of an emergency and activates a two-way conversation with the responder, who can alert relevant family members or care professionals.

Making resources last, whilst reducing infection risk

Making resources last, whilst reducing infection risk

Improving waste management procedures is a serious issue that care home facilities need to tackle. Cromwell Polythene Managing Director, James Lee explores what can be done.


The UK government forecasts that, between 2015 and 2020 the number of people aged over 85 will increase by 18% (300,000 people). While this is a triumph when it comes to life expectancy, many of these people may require some form of long-term care, including community and residential care.