Baxter Education Centre offers training on home therapies

A Baxter Education Centre bedroom

Baxter Healthcare Ltd has announced the opening of a new residential education training centre in Swinton, Manchester for patients, the first centre of its kind in the north of England. The Baxter Education Centre offers a dedicated, purpose built space where patients who require renal dialysis or intravenous nutrition are educated, trained and supported by specialist nurses to be able to independently carry out their home-based therapies. 

What insurance does your care organisation need?

Justine Dignam writer of what insurance does you care organisation need?

Choosing the correct insurance products to suit the needs of your organisation is not as complicated as it seems. Largely, it depends on the type of business you operate, its size, and the assets you need to protect. Here, Justine Dignam, UK marketing and propositions director for Markel, a specialist insurer which caters for over 10,000 UK care homes and facilities, explores the options available…


Public Liability Insurance

Cupcake week celebrations at Widnes care home

Halton View Care Home staff dressed for the National Cupcake Week tea party and dance.

CHOCOLATE, toffee and raspberry were just some of the flavours on offer on National Cupcake Week at a Widnes care home.

Residents, staff and families at Halton View Care Home, on Sadler Street, enjoyed a tea party and dance to mark the occasion – alongside lots of cakes.

The tasty treats were made by a resident’s family, the home’s cook and other staff members.

Entertainment was provided by singer Junior Davies, who performed a variety of songs from old movies.

New Healthcare Group Acquires Specialist Care Homes

Kitnocks House Care Homes

The newly formed Cornerstone Healthcare Group Ltd has acquired family-run Hampshire care homes, South Africa Lodge and Kitnocks House from Dr Oliver Sargent and his family who have run them since 1998.

The homes care for older people with complex neurological, physical and mental health needs associated with challenging behaviours.

This 154 bed acquisition is the first in an ambitious five-year growth plan for the group, who have significant capital for future acquisitions in the specialist care market. 

Free conversation cards for carers of people living with dementia

Free conversation cards for carers of people living with dementia

Since 2009, award-winning charity, Alive, has been providing meaningful activity sessions for older people in care settings, 80% of whom are living with dementia. Based on this experience, Alive has now developed a set of free conversation cards to support relatives, friends and carers, to build social connections and engage in meaningful conversations with people who are living with dementia.

Analysing care systems for the elderly across the globe

Care systems - an elderly resident laughs with staff

The human population is ageing, thanks to the quality of life improving worldwide through effective care systems – and so many medical advancements being seen, too.

It’s vital that elderly citizens are looked after as they reach their later years in order to keep them comfortable and happy as they age. This level of care will change from one country to the next though, as we explore in this article…

Care systems seen throughout the UK

Staggered care is popular across the UK, easing elderly citizens into accepting care. When individuals are beginning to struggle, perhaps with making meals or getting washed, they can access help from home. This is in the form of specially trained carers who visit those in need at their own homes to provide necessary care. 

Mayor and Mayoress attend care home’s cupcake celebration

Mayor of West Lancashire Noel Delaney and Mayoress Bernadette Green with residents, staff at visitors at the Aaron Crest Care Home National Cupcake Week tea party.

VIPs joined residents, staff and families at a National Cupcake Week celebration at a Skelmersdale care home.

The Mayor of West Lancashire Noel Delaney and Mayoress Bernadette Green were among guests at the event at Aaron Crest Care Home, in Skelmersdale.

They were joined by councilors Maureen Nixon, Claire Cooper and Ron Cooper. Marj and Paul Ridgley from Skelmersdale Pulse, a non-profit organisation helping those with anxiety, depression, isolation and loneliness, also attended the celebration.

Runwood Homes residents revel in ‘A Day to Remember’

Runwood Homes residents dancing

On Wednesday 19 September, Runwood Homes residents enjoyed a specially organised, live music and entertainment concert. The fun filled event was attended by over 400 people from over 33 Runwood Homes Senior Living residential care homes, and was held in the grand marquee at Chelmsford City Racecourse. All in attendance truly joined in; ‘A Day to Remember’.  

Now in its second year, ‘A Day to Remember’, successfully organised by two of Runwood’s Home Mangers; Leigh Anne Cowling of Broomhills in Rochford and Laura Glyde of Stafford Hall in Benfleet, aimed to raise awareness of dementia and provide a fantastic day out for Runwood’s Essex and Hertfordshire-based residents, many who are living with dementia. 

Smile For Life Children’s Charity’s pop-up care home café

Smile For Life Children’s Charity’s pop-up care home café

A POP-UP café was created at a Tyneside care home by young adults with learning difficulties.  Smile For Life Children’s Charity visited Waverley Lodge Care Home, in Lemington, to run the temporary café for the elderly residents and their visitors.

They served cakes and scones while chatting and making friends with those living at the home.

The youngsters shared stories from their camping trip to Norway, organised by the charity, talking about how cold it was and what activities they took part in.

Resident Ethel Smith was joined at the café by her daughter, Pauline, who said: “The youngsters are an inspiration.”

Safeguarding: steps to identify if a child is in a high-risk environment

Safeguarding in healthcare - a nurse talks to a child

Healthcare professionals will be well aware that identifying when a child is in a high-risk environment is a crucial step in taking action to safeguarding against both abuse and neglect.

There are over 600,000 children in the UK who are living in what is described as a “high-risk” environment. This is a crisis within our child welfare services; therefore, the government is providing £17m of additional funding to inspire organisations like yours to modernise child services by improving information sharing across safeguarding organisations.

How virtual reality is improving healthcare 

virtual reality in hospital - a doctor helps a patient to see an X-ray on a vr headset

There have been many wonderful developments in technology over recent years, one of the most magical of which is the virtual reality technology revolution. 

How virtual reality works

Virtual reality works by deceiving the brain into believing you are in a 3D world. It immerses users by stimulating up to four of your five senses - This could include touch, vision, smell or hearing. 

Virtual reality or VR, is changing the way that we game, shop, test and educate ourselves. It is being used to develop industries such as healthcare, education, transport, mental health and even utilities.

How to prepare for 'Big Data' in healthcare

big data in healthcare - doctor on ipad

Technically minded individuals such as data managers are only just beginning to understand the extent that Big Data can influence the way that both UK businesses and healthcare services are run. 

“Our overarching objective is that by 2020 we will have revolutionised the way technology, data and information are used to transform the delivery of England’s health and social care services.” – NHS Digital

However, for the less tech-savvy people out there, there is a great degree of confusion as to how Big Data will affect us and what we need to do to get involved. 

To ensure that this system works effectively for all, preparation and implementation plans need to be generated so that your organisation can adapt and take advantage of these exciting changes. 

Canine companion brings joy to care home residents

Oscar pat dog brings joy to care home

A FURRY friend has been helping care home residents with dementia by providing company and cuddles. Oscar the PAT dog and his owner Paula Gascoigne have paid a visit to Waverley Lodge Care Home, in Lemington, Newcastle. Paula, who is from Dumpling Hall, Newcastle, is a volunteer with North East based friendship dog charity, Wag and Company.

They enable visiting dog teams to build meaningful new friendships with older dog lovers.

Friendship dog Oscar has been helping care home residents with dementia by providing company and cuddles at Waverley Lodge care home.

Michelle Park, activities coordinator at Waverley Lodge Care Home, on Bewick Crescent, said: “Our residents loved seeing Oscar and the smiles on their faces just said it all. 

Hillbrush Hygiene Anti-Microbial Cleaning Tools - a solid defence for reducing the risk of cross contamination and infections

Hillbrush Hygiene Anti-Microbial Cleaning Tools

Providing the best possible healthcare is always at the top of every healthcare providers list, and this includes ensuring that any potential health risks are effectively minimised and controlled. 

Throughout the healthcare industry there are significant risks from infectious bacterial cross-contamination, especially in shared living spaces such as care homes and hospitals. The risks are magnified in facilities for older and frail people where cleaning regimes are not strictly controlled. This can lead to the spread of potentially deadly pathogenic bacteria, such as Campylobacter, MRSA, E.coli, Legionella, Listeria and Salmonella amongst others.

Three new Parklands care homes planned in £16million Highlands investment

One of three new care facilities planned by Parklands

The latest phase of a multi-million pound investment by independent care provider Parklands Group has been given the green light. Plans for a £6.5 million care hub for older people in Inverness, one of three new Highland care homes planned or already under construction, have been approved by the Highland Council.

The largest single investment by Parklands, the Inverness facility will be built in two phases, the first consisting of a two-storey care home featuring 48 bedrooms, a café, hairdresser and eight day rooms. The second phase will offer 16 assisted living suites, with three day rooms, and will be linked to the care wing on both ground and first floor levels. The site will include landscaped gardens, 42 parking spaces and sheltered cycle racks.

Borough Care Providing Person Centred Dementia Support

Borough Care logo

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, with World Alzheimer’s Day falling on 21 September each year.  September 2018 marks the 7th World Alzheimer’s Month, which is an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia among older adults.  It is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. Borough Care, the largest not for profit provider of care for older people in Stockport, has over 20 years of experience supporting people with dementia.  Nine of Borough Care’s eleven homes are specialist dementia care homes.

Golden wedding anniversary for Chester-le-Street couple

Golden wedding anniversary for Chester-le-Street couple

CHAMPAGNE corks were flying at a Chester-le-Street care home in celebration of a resident’s golden wedding anniversary. 

Pelton Grange Care Home resident Dennis Fullerton and his wife Margaret were surprised by staff when they returned from an anniversary lunch to banners and flowers.

Staff also presented Margaret with a bouquet and Dennis with a bottle of whisky – before offering the happy couple glasses of bubbly to toast their 50 years together.

The pair married in September 1968 at Byermoor, near Stanley, County Durham, spending their wedding night in London and honeymoon in Austria.

Dennis was a uniform inspector for the Northumbria Police, before retiring and eventually moving into Pelton Grange Care Home in March 2017.