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Harvest Healthcare

At Harvest Healthcare, we help Care Homes by being part of a solution to their problems. Through working with Care Home groups, we have identified some key problems such as; price pressure, compliance, attracting and retaining staff, rising costs, improving clinical outcomes and occupancy rates. We believe that our ‘3 C’ approach, focusing on compliance, costs and care can help to solve these problems.


We offer services to make sure you are complaint with legal standards.

 LOLER and PUWER testing make sure equipment is safe to use and complies with bed rail regulations. 

Help you to comply with the Care Quality Commission’s Key Lines of Enquiry.

Planned preventative maintenance optimises safe and reliable operation 

Shocking figures reveal true cost of social care

Care home residents could spend up to 50% of the value of their home on care

Calls are being made for "urgent action" after a new study reveals just how much residential care could cost. 

New research from Royal London has shown that the average person in residential care could see up to 50% of the value of their home swallowed up by care costs. 

Differing house prices across the UK mean this figure varies from 18% to 56%, with people in the North being worst affected due to lower house prices. 

For example, the average house price in the North East of England is just under £129,000, and the stay in a residential home (30 months) costs £554 per week, which would eat up 56% of their property value. 


The outlook for care homes in the UK ranges from serious to critical, as staff costs, nurse shortages, poor funding and increasing red tape are draining the lifeblood out of the sector. The prognosis is given in a new survey for BBC Radio 4 that shows urgent surgery is needed to save care homes from rising costs and reducing resources. A new injection of local authority funding is urgently needed as more than a quarter of UK care homes are in danger of closure within three years, according to the survey.