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It’s In Your Hands - preventing sepsis in healthcare by promoting hand hygiene

hand hygiene

May 5th – World Hand Hygiene Day

This week the WHO’s SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign takes place globally.

The event hopes to spread awareness among healthcare workers of how to prevent infectious diseases – including sepsis – by carrying out rigorous hand hygiene routines. 

Shockingly, 70% of the world’s health care workers and 50% of surgical teams do not routinely practice hand hygiene, say the WHO.

This year’s slogan is “It’s in your hands - prevent sepsis in healthcare” and a raft of nurses and other healthcare workers have committed to organising displays, running hand hygiene classes and ensuring current practice meets the best standards possible.

DuoMax – A Duty of Care


A brief look through the news on any given day will see multiple references to care homes across the United Kingdom dealing with infection control issues. Some are forced to close for periods of up to a month pending official inspections post outbreaks of E-coli or Clostridium difficile, both of which continue to be reported in high volume across the country. Others are subject to quarantining procedures for various contamination issues causing a great deal of disturbance and distress to staff and residents alike. 

Methodology for dealing with such outbreaks is provided by the British Government and is based on monitored case studies and feedback from questionnaires submitted to various care homes as part of a wider national study.