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Clean Smarter with SmartDose from Diversey

Cleaning can be a time-consuming and arduous task but ultimately a necessary one, especially when it comes to the private and public care and nursing facilities. Regular cleaning is essential in these settings with visitors and residents of such accommodations demanding the highest levels of hygiene and requiring a certain visual standard for their own piece of mind. But with so many surfaces, areas and high-volume touch points to clean, along with caring for individuals. Staff need an easy and straight forward product range to make cleaning efficient. Enter Diversey’s SmartDose range of concentrates designed to make cleaning simpler, smarter and safer.

The Bottle

The SmartDose bottle has been designed to allow for easy, quick and precise mixing of concentrates making cleaning staffs jobs simpler. Located on the top of the bottle is a bright yellow head which features two clearly marked dosage levels. The purpose of this is so the user can select between two different solution options which are outlined on the bottle (normally these are a 750ml solution for spray bottles and a larger size such as 5 litres for mopping options). The mechanics of the top is a simple pump action which works as follows:

  • Select the dosage you require by twisting the top to the relevant symbol,
  • Pull the yellow top up until full extended,
  • Push the top down to “pump” the specified amount of solution out of the nozzle and then simply add the necessary amount of water.

Please note the action of pushing down the top once it has been pulled up will dispense a shot of the concentrate so ensure the nozzle is positioned over the container you wish to make the solution up in.

The design of the bottle lends itself to being easily transportable around larger multiroom sites and due to it being a concentrate means smaller bottle sizes. With this decrease in size comes a reduction in waste produced.

smart dose bottle

The Range

SmartDose offers a complete range of cleaning solutions all which have specific purposes. It also features cross-system options meaning SmartDose has products which work alongside other Diversey systems such as Taski, Suma and Oxivir. For more environmentally friendly options there is the Pur-Eco and SURE ranges both of which can help your business reach its green goals.

The numerous options all provide cleaning solutions for the following areas and more:

  • Bathroom / Washroom
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Antibacterial Cleaner
  • Disinfectant Cleaner

Environmental Responsibility

If your care or nursing home is looking to improve its sustainability credentials, Diversey had the following to say regarding what figures you can expect when using SmartDose. A 1.4L SmartDose product typically equates to 280 ready to use (RTU) products. If you use an average of 100 cases of 6 x 750ml RTU product per year, the typical annual sustainability improvements are:

  • 441 litres less chemical that has to be manufactured, transported, stored and used (98.0% reduction)
  • 41.2 kg less plastic packaging that has to be manufactured, transported, stored and disposed (97.8% reduction)
  • 26.3 kg less cardboard packaging that has to be manufactured, transported, stored and disposed (97.8% reduction)
  • 124.2kg less greenhouse gas emissions as CO2 equivalence due to packaging alone (98.5% reduction)

SmartDose’s range is ultimately one which aims at making cleaning simpler, safer, smarter and more sustainable and its design and operation delivers on these key areas. For more information about SmartDose please contact us on 0844 844 4300 or email us at

Equally, for a full product offering of commercial cleaning equipment, chemicals and janitorial appliances browse Alliance Online today.

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