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Are your care home’s LST radiators harbouring bacteria?

It’s essential for care and nursing homes to be easy and efficient to clean as it has to be done so often. Care homes can become quite busy as the staff occupy the residents, care for them and during visiting hours.

Part of the staff’s role involves the use of lifting and manoeuvring equipment, transporting users from one room to the next and ensuring that daily activities-like mealtimes are efficiently carried out.

Ass care and nursing environments can be busy, the need for resources that are low maintenance is essential.

Contour’s DeepClean LST (low surface temperature) radiators and radiator covers provide the ideal solution, they’ve been designed to safely heat your care home whilst requiring little-to-no maintenance.

LST radiators and radiator covers LST radiators being cleaned in a care home

Contour’s complete radiator systems come with high-quality Herz Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) for either internal or external fitting.

An external TRV kit is where the TRV head is on the outside of the cover, this allows the staff to adjust and control the temperature of the room themselves without having to remove any covers. To read more about Contour’s TRV options, click here.

Cleaning Contour’s LST radiators

Having clean surroundings in a care and nursing environment is crucial, especially when residents can have weakened immune systems.

Contour’s LST radiators provide full access to the radiator for thorough cleaning. By using a simple quarter turn lock,  the one-piece casing can be dropped down to floor level effortlessly.

For even more movement and efficiency, Rotarad fittings can be installed with the LST radiator, allowing the radiator itself to be tilted downwards to floor level for a full clean and access to the wall behind the radiator.

Efficiency cleaning

A thorough clean can take a team of people to achieve results, however easy access to and behind the radiators means it can be achieved efficiently with just one person.

When you remove a regular radiator cover for cleaning, you’ll often need to cut the existing sealant away so that you don’t damage the existing paintwork or the wall that it’s sealed up to. In contrast, the DeepClean radiator cover design allows you to remove the top and front of the door for cleaning and maintenance, without the need for removing any screws or sealant from the wall.

We estimate that in seven hours, two people can clean fourteen regular radiators, whereas one person can clean eighty-four DeepClean LST radiators in the same amount of time!


All of our radiators contain BioCote antimicrobial protection incorporated into the paintwork, minimising the spread of harmful bacteria, including MRSA and E.Coli.

Maintaining Contour’s radiator and guard range has never been easier. The easy drop down front allows for efficient and effective cleaning.

Easy maintenance allows you to focus on the things that are most important in a care facility which is the quality of care and wellness of your residents.

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