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What can Going Digital look like? 

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This a question we are often asked at Care Vision and more so in the social sare industry. It is seen as a scary prospect and someone said “It’s like driving without holding the steering wheel”.
In reality for us, it’s adjusting from using manual gears to automatic, saving you all the time and effort on the road that is social care.
Technology, media and the internet has been having a huge impact in our lives for decades now. But the sudden reliance on digital usage has brought much better and more advanced opportunities to business, marketing and general public awareness. 
NHSX’s Chief Digital Officer, Tara Donnelly, stresses “it’s the opportunity for digital tools and personalised care to collectively improve health care experience and outcomes as well as reducing pressure on the system and provide value for money”.
The Future of Healthcare: Our Vision for Digital, Data and Technology in Health and Care recognises that “the potential of cutting-edge technologies to support preventative, predictive and personalised care is huge”. Even the NHS Long Term Plan, has a clear vision for a digital-first approach: “People will be empowered, and their experience of health and care will be transformed, by the ability to access, manage and contribute to digital tools, information and services.”
In social care we often wait for direction from the NHS and wait for their lead. At Care Vision we didn’t wait for that change to happen, we led by example and developed a digital system which has engulfed the NHS vision, NOW!:
“IT solutions should be able to be accessed in a way which provides maximum flexibility for users, including through a range of devices such as different types of smartphone and through mobile and web apps. They should also support assistive technology, enabling solutions to meet best practice guidance around accessibility.
IT solutions must provide accurate record keeping for all user’s IT solutions should enable accurate electronic record keeping. They should record decisions made, by whom, when, including the reasoning and how this decision was communicated to the relevant people. This supports the legislative duty as part of due process”. 

Care Vison was born directly from a care home and the carers’ first-hand knowledge of the physical and emotional demands and the frustrations that the industry brings. The system was trialled and tested in our own homes before an inspector suggested sharing it with other providers. 
NHSX’s Chief Digital Officer, Tara Donnelly, believes “IT solutions should give people the confidence and ability to move away from paper-based record keeping”.
Care Vision is icon based, it provides ease of use for the carer and a single piece of software for the Manager that brings all your care home needs under one roof.
Staff simply carry around a mobile device to log and document what happens in real time throughout the day which is stored onto the care home’s cloud-based system, this means nothing is missed and more accurate notes can be taken.
Embracing ‘going digital’ could help all the day to day bureaucracy and compliance issues. Making it a thing of the past, it’s like having an extra administrator, BUT cheaper.
Now making that transition to ‘going digital’ doesn’t have to be scary but automatic.

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