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Jobs and recruitment in the care sector

CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent jobs board, offers advice around why now is a great time for professionals to look for new opportunities in the care sector.

Now is the perfect time for carers to look for jobs or their next career opportunity

Ongoing uncertainty in the UK has led to doubt within the care sector about the implications of Brexit, the recent general elections and the future of the industry as a whole. The sector is notorious for staff shortages, with care workers stressed to maintain job standards, and many companies struggling under the pressure to keep up with public demand.  It’s true that EU workers have helped the care sector to deal with staff shortages, as many foreign professionals bring their valuable skills to the job market. So presumably, less trained EU workers, will mean a bigger problem for the care sector – right?

Not quite. The latest data from CV-Library indicates the opposite, and that the sector is showing no signs of slowing down. Jobs, salaries and applications all saw an increase in July 2017, suggesting that now could be the perfect time for job hunters in the industry to look for their next opportunity.

There are more jobs available to care workers

There has been a staggering 15.6% rise in job vacancies year-on-year in the care sector. This is particularly positive news for those seeking opportunities within this industry, especially given that during the same period last year the Brexit backlash was yet to hit. For professionals in the industry it means that now is a good time to look for work, with candidates standing a better chance of landing their dream job.

Alongside this, there will more than likely be a wider range of roles for candidates. This rise means that those applying for new positions or starting a career within the industry will have a variety of different opportunities to choose from. As a result, the care sector is becoming increasingly appealing for future career prospects, encouraging talented candidates to enter the industry.

Salaries are on the rise

Even better for professionals in this sector, salaries have increased by 3.8% year-on-year. It’s clear that care organisations are working hard to attract talented candidates in to their businesses, using higher salaries. This means it’s an even better time to look for jobs in this industry, proving to be an affordable career option with good prospects.

The salary increase also serves to make the care sector more desirable for new recruits and those who want a career path that is rewarding in financial means too. This is important with the increased cost of living, and could be a good place to start when it comes to reducing staff shortages in the industry.

Care workers are feeling confident

And it’s clear that confidence is also being reflected amongst professionals in this sector, with care roles seeing a 1.3% rise in job applications last month. This is good news for the industry, bringing in fresh talented individuals. That said, this extra competition for roles means candidates will have to work harder to stand out from the competition to ensure they are offered the job. But it’s great to see that the industry is thriving, despite concerns around the state of the job market in the sector.

Overall, the care sector has shown that there are increasing job prospects with more vacancies and higher salaries, which is great news for both employers and employees. This means that there are new, talented and exciting professionals entering the industry. And it’s also positive news for workers in this industry, with improved career prospects and higher pay packets. This is essential to make the industry more accessible to the public under the increased cost of living. Therefore, this industry is challenging the negative news from Brexit and ongoing uncertainty as it continues to thrive.

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