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Inexpensive Staff E-Learning for Nurses and Care Professionals

Quality patient care is the objective of every service provider. To achieve this requires considerable planning, long-term commitment and careful management within a tight budget. More importantly, it requires highly skilled and well-trained staff with a dedication to a career that can be extremely stressful.

A study by the Communities and Local Government Committee found that 48% of care staff leave within a year of starting. A lack of career development and quality training are common complaints when leaving. 

Investing in LowCost E-Learning can make the difference. 

Low costs

Face-to-face training is outdated.  It lacks flexibility in a sector where many employees have different schedules making it difficult to arrange one time that suits all. 

With online training, employees can access their courses from anywhere, cutting costs dramatically. Furthermore, enrolling many employees can often attract large discounts due to fewer required overheads.


Inexpensive Staff E-Learning for Nurses and Care Professionals

Online training is available 24/7.  Training can be arranged at any location and around work schedules at short notice.  All through the internet. 

Self-Paced Study

Individuals learn at different speeds. With online learning, employees can work at a pace that suits them. Interactive online courses provide staff with active learning, helping to increase their retention of all course material.

Accurate Information

Online courses are designed to provide accurate information in an engaging format. Unlike traditional media, online materials are constantly revised ensuring that each user accesses only relevant information. E-learning allows immediate access to current legislation and modern healthcare practices. 

Bespoke Training

Not every employee will require the exact training at the same time. Our platform allows training to be tailored tothe specialities of the individual.  As an employer,you are investing in areas of their development making them feel valued while increasing the efficiency of your core business. 

Upon completion of each course, your employees will receive immediate results and informative feedback. Candidates can track their progress revisiting areas of concern before submitting their final assessment. Additionally, we provide each successful candidate with a certificate of completion. The certificates act as evidence of compliance for their professional development with many courses also contributing towards CPD hours.

LowCost E-Learning offers specialised care related training courses online, with high volume discounts at a fraction of the cost of traditional teaching. 

For more information (and to claim a 25% discount) visit or call 0370 218 7890 today.

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