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Use the power of Ozone to destroy the coronavirus on all surfaces in your care home

Protecting residents from the COVID 19 pandemic is right at the top of every care and nursing home’s agenda.

When used correctly, ozone is scientifically proven to kill coronavirus.  Indeed, ozone has been used successfully across the care sector to minimise the threat to the sick and elderly.

See how Camellia Healthcare protected their three nursing homes here.

The Ozofresh Eclipse Pro is a heavy duty yet portable ozone generating machine that is proven to kill coronavirus in less than 60 minutes.  Crucially it kills the virus on both hard and soft surfaces, as well as in the air, working on areas such as bedding, curtains and carpets that surface sanitisers alone cannot reach.  

It can be easily moved from room to room, protecting bedrooms, common areas and kitchens. Ozone leaves no chemical residue whatsoever and no by-products. 

See how Harbour Healthcare used ozone across their 17 homes here.

The Eclipse Pro can also be used to ensure that the virus is not inadvertently introduced into the home via deliveries, items brought in by families or gifts.  By allocating a space to quarantine all such items, they can be quickly decontaminated using the Eclipse Pro before being distributed.

Be assured that the power of ozone is proven with laboratory testing. Its virus destroying properties are well documented against a range of pathogens. And the renowned Nara Medical University in Japan has confirmed that it specifically kills the coronavirus causing COVID 19. Our ozone generators produce the levels of ozone required to be effective. 

You can find out more about the test results here

Eco friendly sanitising – one solution for everyone, for everywhereOzone

Support the use of ozone in protecting against coronavirus with XtraProtect, an all-in-one solution that that is British Laboratory tested on both hands and surfaces to kill 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses.   

With no aggressive chemicals or alcohol, XtraProtect is safe to use, store, and transport, and does not dry or irritate the skin.  It’s more effective than alcohol based sanitisers, whose effectiveness is reduced by more than 50% when used on soiled hands. XtraProtect instantly protects, whether hands are clean or dirty. It also gives lasting protection by forming an invisible coating on surfaces that continues to protect even when dry.

Banish lingering and deep-set odours for good 

Whilst coronavirus will be your main concern at the moment, ozone delivers additional hygiene benefits to the care sector.  Dealing with persistent odours is a challenge, and ozone destroys those odours at source.

Use the Eclipse Pro for severe problems, or for day to day freshness, our ozone PlugIns deal swiftly with typical smells such as vomit and urine.  You simply plug Ozofresh Plugin into any electrical socket and switch on.  The result is an odour free room in a couple of hours.

With none of the harmful ingredients such as benzene and formaldehyde found in common air fresheners, you can release your staff from worrying about the safe use and storage of chemicals and be sure that there is nothing that could irritate your elderly residents.  Here’s what the Stonebridge Care Home had to say about the PlugIns.

“The Ozofresh PlugIn not only cleared the one difficult odour, but it also stopped it reoccurring. We have now invested in 60 Ozofresh PlugIns that we use around the building, both in potential odour spots such as resident rooms and common rooms and in areas such as the kitchens and corridors to maintain a light, ‘fresh air’, atmosphere throughout.

Undoubtedly, the quality of the air is improved by the consistent use of the Ozofresh, it smells fresh and clean and we are much less reliant on heavy, chemical-based, sprays in favour of a more natural solution to specific odours and all round freshness”.  

For more information about how Ozofresh can help control coronavirus or deal with odours in your care home please call 0844 248 0107 or email

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