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Sunrise of Bassett: Nurses Share Stories Across Generations

Jan head of care Share Stories

Although nursing has evolved remarkably over the past few decades, the principle of selfless care and dedication to others is as relevant today as it has ever been before. To celebrate this dedication on Nurses Day 2020, we spoke to one former nurse who now lives at Sunrise of Bassett, and two nurses who work at the home currently, share stories and uncover the similarities connecting their careers.
Keresenzia Chanengeta (Keri), a current nurse at Sunrise of Bassett
Keri, who trained in Zimbabwe, has worked as a nurse for over 30 years, including five years as a Midwife. After coming to England in 2004, Keri started working in care home nursing after being introduced to the care-setting by her husband.
Asked what her favourite aspect of her job is, Keri said that she loves interacting with people and sees herself as an advocate for those who are vulnerable and have no voice. She also finds it fulfilling to improve the quality of life for her patients, with relatives often expressing gratitude for her empathetic nature and attention to detail.
She said that residents also compliment her on the amount of time she gives them and that her smile has the power to cheer them up. Her Sunrise of Bassett colleagues agree, saying that Keri is very helpful, informative and approachable.
Speaking of her career in nursing, Keri said:
“I am passionate about my nursing job and love the responsibility that comes with it. I have had the opportunity to look after very important people and have found the older generation very polite and loving. She added, that her “greatest pleasure comes when we look after a poorly resident and then they change completely for the better.”
Keri also says that she loves the family-unit feel of a care home, “it feels like a big family”, she says and that “everyone is caring for one another with our goal being to preserve the dignity of residents. We achieve this through individualised care planning as well as the provision of a pleasant atmosphere for vulnerable senior citizens.”
Margaret Proud, a resident of Sunrise of Bassett, who spent her career as a nurse
Margaret started her career in nursing when she was 18 years-old, after enrolling in a nursing course at University College in Uxbridge. She started her training in 1948 and stayed at University College hospital for four years before moving to a specialist hospital in Birmingham to continue her studies.
After Birmingham, Margaret moved to Luton to complete her practical training. Margaret recalls how her day-to-day work involved riding a bicycle from house-to-house which was challenging as the area was especially hilly.
Despite the hard work, Margaret says the found the work very rewarding and continues to appreciate the hard work and dedication of nurses.
Asked what her advice is to nurses working through the current Covid-19 pandemic, Margaret said to “continue their hard work to help the nation overcome the crisis.”
Jeanette Boyle, who is Head of Care at Sunrise of Bassett
Jeanette, who is a dual qualified nurse (RGN and RSCM), has over twenty years of experience working in care. She says that a key driver in her career has been her passion for providing excellent standards of care.
Asked about her favourite aspect at Sunrise of Bassett, Jeanette echoed the thoughts of Keri and Margaret, saying “the best thing I love about my job here at Sunrise is to make a real difference to people’s lives”
Jeanette’s career has also given her a wide range of experiences, including working across numerous teams, including with clinicians and support workers, and she has even been involved in the training and monitoring of care staff. She has also developed an interest in elderly care for patients and their families, including writing care plans, administering medicines and managing the overall safety of those in care.
In her spare time, Jeanette says she loves to ice skate and is often entertaining her two children along with her cat called Pumpkin.

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