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Spotlight on Infection Control

In the lead up to National Bug Busting Day on 31st January, MediSupplies is raising awareness of infection control measures that can be taken to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the spread of infection within your organisation. This article focuses on the benefits of hand sanitisers, sanitising wipes and clean indicator notes, enabling heightened protection from germs.
Keeping hands clean wherever, whenever
Prevalent now in most organisations, hand sanitisers are an effective way of reducing the spread of infection around your business. They provide a quick and easy way of killing up to 99.9% of microorganisms on the hands when time is of the essence and handwashing facilities are not easily accessible. By installing hand sanitiser stations at your entrance points, you will automatically encourage your staff and visitors to cleanse their hands before entering your premises, whilst portable bottles of hand sanitiser positioned at workstations will allow for instant elimination of germs after coughs, sneezes and working with non-sterile equipment.
Don’t let germs linger on surfaces
Sanitising wipes have gained huge popularity in recent times due to their portability, ease of use by all staff, convenience and cost. By simply wiping Nurse washing hands to prevent infection controlsurfaces and equipment on a regular basis, you can eliminate lingering germs and prevent any cross-contamination. Wipes from leading brands such as Clinell are clinically tested to ensure their compatibility with non-invasive medical equipment as well as surfaces, making them ideal as a multipurpose cleaning wipe for healthcare providers.
Visibly see the germs have gone
Once surfaces and equipment have been sanitised, you can now clearly label them with Clinell indicator notes and tape. Produced in conjunction with Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, the notes provide clear visibility of equipment and surfaces that have been disinfected and allow the date, time and name to be added for additional tracking. This not only ensures that all items are sanitised but also prevents multiple cleaners from duplicating work, saving time and resource.
Find out more about the range of infection prevention essentials available from MediSupplies by visiting

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