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How care homes are continuing to commemorate The Queen’s memory – and here’s how you can too



Up and down the country, people are paying their respects to HRH Queen Elizabeth II. For many elderly people, The Queen was a comfort through hard times. Over the past 7 decades, she had become an icon of independence and of the United Kingdom.

With many care home residents living through the whole reign of The Queen, care homes are choosing to commemorate her life through a range of different royal themed activities. White’s Training have collected some of their favourite reflective activities that care homes are doing that will allow residents to be remembered of The Queen throughout the years.

Care homes are creating books of condolences for their residents, encouraging thoughtful messages and memories to be jotted down. Not only is this tuning in with parts of their lives that they may have forgotten, but it is also allowing them to piece together their emotions and reflect on the passing. These condolences are being written down in books that can be stored away and read through whenever residents would like.

Beech Hall in Leeds (@BeechHallLeeds) have encouraged their residents, team members and family members to all leave a little note in their book of condolences, with images placed around the book to help everyone reminisce.

Many residents are also celebrating The Queen’s life through typical British pastimes. Afternoon tea has become popular amongst many care homes, with stories and memories being shared of The Queen’s reign. Forest Healthcare (@ForestHealthLtd) celebrated Her Majesty through afternoon tea, raising a toast in commemoration, and sharing stories of The Queen that they remember.

As a way to celebrate the times throughout their life, residents are participating in decade quizzes. With questions on sweets and confectionery that used to be enjoyed, to trivia on the television shows that they used to watch, many care home residents are enjoying their memories and stories that come along with answering questions on their past. Digby Manor Care Home (@Digby_Manor) put on a 1950s quiz for the residents, encouraging them to take a trip down memory lane.

How can you commemorate the Queen? 
If you’re looking for ways to commemorate The Queen, we’ve rounded up some activities that can be done by yourself, or with your loved ones that will keep her memories alive for decades to come.

For those who enjoy gardening, perhaps planting a tree or dedicating certain flowers to The Queen could be a thoughtful way for you to show your appreciation – and every time they rebloom throughout the year she will be remembered. Lilies of the valley were reported to be The Queen’s favourite flowers, so why not have a go at planting some of them in your very own back garden?

If you can’t get your hands on these specific flowers, you could always opt for another type of lily – or even a flower that you feel personally symbolises The Queen. Roses, sunflowers or even daisies could be planted and cared for to help show your gratitude.

The Royal Family contribute to a range of charities, with many members having their select organisations that they enjoy helping. Although every charity in the country is important, a nice way to honour The Queen, and her life, would be to donate to one of her most loved charities, and make it a repeat donation. The Queen loved giving her support to charities like Cancer Research UK, the British Red Cross and Barnardo’s.

Times may be tough right now with the current cost of living, so even a small donation from those who wish to commemorate in this way would be utterly heartwarming for not only the charities, but for those giving as well!

Many people across the country have been affected by the passing of The Queen and it’s important for them to be surrounded by good memories and reflections. Taking the time to reminisce about the decades that they lived through with Queen Elizabeth II, people can choose to make this a happy and thoughtful time.

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