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A career in nursing, there are different job titles and salaries within nursing that you need to know about, including different specialisms. With information from Payscale, the National Careers Service and Prospects, with a selection of nursing roles, duties and qualifications you’ll need.

Tovertafel - How to encourage more young people to become professional carers

Tovertafel How to encourage more young people to become professional carers

Written by John Ramsay, CEO of Shift8, the company behind the Tovertafel

In the UK, we have nearly seven million carers, both paid and unpaid, but with an aging population and government cuts, we are in dire need of new talent to bolster the professional care industry.

Care work is still one of the most underpaid jobs in the country - but also one of the most important. One of the biggest barriers for young people who are considering a career in this sector is the salary - and the industry has repeatedly come under fire because of this.

As a society we have moved away from looking after our senior citizens, turning our backs on carers.  

Encore Care Homes continue to combat care sector staff shortages

Encore Care Homes continue to combat care sector staff shortages

Following a recent report issued which highlighted staff shortages within the care sector, due to low wages and workload pressures, Encore Care Homes is pledging to continue to buck the trend.

The National Audit Office’s recent report stated low rates of pay and workload pressures mean some care services are struggling to recruit new team members. However, Encore Care Homes offer staff above average wages and a range of shifts which cater to each individual’s lifestyle and commitments.  

Our Health Heroes finalists revealed

Healthcare Workers who provide excellent patient care across the UK have been announced as finalists and regional winners for the Skills for Health’s Our Health Heroes Awards 2017, sponsored by Health Education England. 

The Our Health Heroes Awards, established in 2016 aim to celebrate the unsung healthcare heroes from across the UK, including those working in the NHS, that go above and beyond in their roles every day. After a successful debut, the Awards expanded to include three new categories.

Healthcare Professionals were asked to nominate their Integrated Team of the Year, Workforce Planning Team of the Year and Apprentice of the Year, alongside the already established Clinical and Operational Services Support Worker of the Year awards.

Acting now to improve dementia care

Acting now to improve dementia care

By Jill Whittaker, managing director of Connect2Care, discusses how investing in apprentices can help improve dementia care

More than 500,000 people in the UK are currently thought to be living with dementia and this figure is rising year-on-year[1]. In fact, the number of people living with the illness is predicted to increase by an astounding 281% in 2050, compared to 2015 figures[2]. Despite the growing number of cases, it’s estimated that one in three care workers have received no formal dementia training[3].

Apprenticeships: How to engage with Generation Z

Apprenticeships: How to engage with Generation Z

Recruitment and retention are major concerns within the health and care sector, but professionals are being urged to tap into the talents of Generation Z to ensure top-quality staff are on-hand to plug the growing skills gap. Connect2Care, the leading provider of training and apprenticeships in the Care Sector, discusses ways employers can reduce this gap by boosting engagement with young apprentices. 

Retaining and rewarding top talent within the care home sector

care sector

Staff in the care home sector provide invaluable care to some of the UK’s most vulnerable people, but these employees and the industry as a whole are facing unprecedented change.

According to Skills for Care, in 2016 the adult social care sector employed an estimated 1.5 million people, a large number of them low-wage staff. The introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW) and the overwhelming shortage of skilled carers, compounded by Brexit, is directly impacting resources. It is now more important than ever for care homes to retain staff and drive employee engagement and productivity to ensure we can continue to care for those most in need.

The challenges facing the sector

Care home staff recruitment crisis - how to solve with


A new and innovative CV search tool has been launched by to help care homes find the right staff.

The tool allows care homes (employers) to search for candidates based on the desired job role, salary expectations, languages spoken, location and type of contract that they have stated. Over 60,000 CVs are already on the website. 

The innovation will provide vital support to care homes that are currently facing competition with the NHS for staff, and the prospect of a declining pool of nurses as a result of Brexit. 

When an employer clicks on a CV they are interested in, they can then save it, add notes and email the candidate directly.

NHS reports huge drop in overseas nurses

NHS reports huge drop in overseas nurses

The number of foreign nurses joining the NHS has plummeted, according to latest figures.

Recruitment specialist Randstad highlighted the NHS recruitment drop which has seen EU nurses applying to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) fall by 96%.

The fall has been blamed on poor working conditions, including long hours and inadequate pay, as well as the introduction of tough new language tests for foreign nursing staff.

Apprenticeships: the key to tackling the skills gap

care apprenticeships 1

Jill Whittaker (pictured), Managing Director of Conntect2Care, the leading training and apprenticeship provider in the care sector, explains the benefits of investing in apprenticeships.

“Recruiting and retaining staff in the care and nursing sector has never been more important. According to Skills for Care, just under 340,000 social care employees leave their job each year. To put this into perspective, on any one day there are 90,000 vacancies for social care jobs in England. Apprenticeships may be the way to address this problem.

The importance of recruiting effectively in the care sector

The importance of recruiting effectively in the care sector

It has never been more important to recruit effectively in the care sector, says care home specialist Caresolve.

James Parkin, Co-founder and Operations Director of Caresolve, says many care homes find it difficult to find – and keep - high quality care staff whether that’s registered manager, senior carers or ancillary staff.

He says: “It is a common problem around the country because demand for good quality staff far outweighs supply at present in the care home sector.

“It means that it has never been more essential to retain your staff once you’ve recruited them.

Starting a new job? Here are 5 tips to help you get settled

Roop Bhumbra

Roop Bhumbra, Director at Hays Social Care gives her top tips for care and nursing professionals preparing to start a new job and how best to get settled.


Have you just received news that you got the job? Congratulations! Starting a new job can be both an exciting and daunting time for many care and nursing home professionals. The workplace culture may be different to that of your previous employer, not to mention all of the new faces you will encounter on your first day, so here are some tips to help you get settled and make a lasting impression:


New care home facility set to bring 90 jobs to Edinburgh

New care home creates 90 jobs in Edinburgh

A new care home facility will bring 90 jobs to Scotland's capital when it opens its doors this winter. 

Due to open in January 2018, Cramond Residence in North West Edinburgh will be recruiting care teams comprising nurses, dementia team leaders and carers at various grades, activity coordinators, catering, housekeeping, and other support staff.

Managed exclusively by Walker Healthcare, Cramond Residence will offer the finest in person-centred nursing and residential care for older people, in luxurious and comfortable surroundings.