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Cleanliness, hygiene and fine fragrance

Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance for carers and nurses but often deep cleaning, antibacterial products smell strongly of bleach or chemicals.  Imagine if you could clean up vomit, bodily fluids, faeces and blood with professional grade cleaning products while, at the same time, managing the unpleasant odours and leaving the surroundings with a fresh, uplifting scent.

With Aromapersonal you can: the range has been created by Quentin Steele, an expert with 30 years’ cleaning industry experience in hygiene and odour management, and Julie Foster, an expert aromatherapist, perfumer and product designer with first-hand experience of caring. They understand how to combine anti-bacterial ingredients and bio-enzymes – to break down the proteins found in vomit, bodily fluids and faeces that can be hard to clean from surfaces, floors and textiles – with natural fragrances to create a hygienically clean, fragrant environment.    

Food and bodily fluid spills including vomit and faeces leave proteins embedded in the fabric or carpet which is why normal cleaning products fail to solve the hygiene and malodour issue.  Formulated with concentrated bio enzymes, the Bio-Enzyme Odour Management Formula breaks down and digests these proteins to minimise malodour. It can also be used in the sink, bath and shower where traces of fluids and faeces can become Cleanliness, hygiene and fine fragrancetrapped.

Convenience and speed are key for carers and nurses who need to act quickly. Understanding this, Quentin developed two of its products that don’t even need water.  The Direct to Floor Cleansing and Deodorising Formula includes professional antibacterial ingredients are expertly blended with powerful cleaning agents for a deodorising, hygienic and speedy floor clean. You simply spray it on to the floor, wipe clean and dry.  The Hard Surface Antibacterial Cleansing & Deodorising Formula can also be simply sprayed on and wiped away with a dry cloth to leave surfaces hygienically clean with a beautiful natural citrus fragrance. When it comes to cleaning furniture and fabric, the Textile Cleansing & Hygiene Formula is very handy. This cleansing and deodorising spray has silver added to neutralise and protect against bacteria and malodours and it has a fine fresh fragrance including natural botanicals to relax the mind.

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