Diabetes Awareness in Suffolk

June 8, 2017

Earlier this year DUET diabetes offered their services free of charge to support a local care home to run a “Diabetes Awareness” event for residents/families/staff during Diabetes Week (11-17 June 2017). In response two homes, Bethesda Eventide Homes in Ipswich and Gracewell of Kentford near Newmarket, have worked with DUET diabetes to plan events. Part of the plans include “Let them eat cake” - a fun interactive session which will be run by Helen Stephen (co-founder of DUET diabetes); discussing sugar content and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst still having a little of what we fancy.


“Access to good quality diabetes education and training for care home staff” is one of the elements of “good diabetes care” as laid out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
DUET diabetes provides workshop based education as an informative and interactive way to increase skills and confidence in caring for people with diabetes.
Feedback collated from their training sessions indicates a strong learning preference by the majority of attendees for “small groups that are interactive and led by a professional”.

Diabetes Awareness in Suffolk

DUET diabetes - dedicated to delivering understanding, education and training to empower nurses and carers; enabling them to make a positive difference to those living with diabetes.

For more information or an informal chat about your diabetes training needs contact Lynne Reedman:

T: 01799 584178
E: info@duetdiabetes.co.uk
W: www.duetdiabetes.co.uk
F: facebook.com/duetdiabetes

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