Malden House care home delivered training about dementia to students from Sidmouth College

June 12, 2018

Malden House care home delivered theoretical and practical training about dementia to a group of 15 students from Sidmouth College.

The aim of the sessions  - to give teenagers empathy about what a person effected by dementia goes through.

As part of Dementia Awareness week the college was invited to visit Malden House to work with the staff and residents.

The first session on Monday 21st May Mrs Whitworth took 15 students to receive dementia awareness training from the staff at the care home because the Year 10 students from Sidmouth Collage are studying Btec Health and Social care. During the training the staff shared their care values and gave the students strategies to use when working with someone suffering from dementia, these included how to empower people, keep dignity intact and encourage independence. 

During the second session on Thursday 24th May students returned to the Care home to work with the residents in a variety of activities, putting their new training into practice to assist with the sensory garden, arts and crafts and cooking.


Agnieszka Orlowska is the Registered Manager of Malden House: It was great to see the students learning so much about dementia  - some of them became emotional and showed a lot Malden House care home delivered training about dementia to students from Sidmouth Collegeof passion about what we do at Malden House! I can tell the students really benefitted from the training  - after the first session we received a phone call from the college to ask if they can stay for longer (for the second session)  because they felt that an hour wasn’t enough. It feels amazing to know that we can make the difference to share our knowledge with the younger generation about people living with dementia!

Lisa Whitworth coordinates health and social care course and helped to organise the visits to Malden House: “The students loved it  they spent a lot time getting to know the residents then they made a display board to share  and what they learnt about the whole experience and the individual residents such as favourite pastimes and interests. I think the students learnt how to communicate effectively with those who live with dementia.

The students have been studying care values so the project came at a good time to put the learning into practice and the students are talking about returning to the care home to do work experience and voluntary work!

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