Sweetheat Heated Delivery Bags

October 2, 2018

Sweetheat of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire manufacture its award winning Sweetheat Heated Delivery Bags System for the Home Delivery of Piping Hot Food. The Sweetheat Heated Delivery Bags System ensures food is delivered Piping Hot each and every time with its built in Heated Technology at 90 Degrees Celcius. Customers include County Council Meals on Wheels Services, Hospitals, Independent Delivery Services,Theme Parks and Restaurants

The System consists of 4 Delivery Bags and a 4 Tier Shelving Unit with a built in Transformer. Once the food is packaged it can be put straight into the Delivery bags and given to the driver. The Sweetheat Bags will remain Hot for a good 30-40 minutes.


Sweetheat Heated Delivery Bags

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