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Coloplast launch digital leakage system

 Coloplast today announces the launch of Heylo™, the world’s first digital leakage notification system, offering a new and accessible way to alleviate the physical and mental burden of leakage. As of today, Heylo is available through the NHS for people living with a stoma, following consultation with their stoma nurse. 

Leakage remains the biggest challenge for people living with a stoma. With 92% of people worrying about leakage, this issue profoundly impacts their physical and mental well-being1. 54% are unable to sleep, 37% feel like they’re not in control and 30% are limited in their work1. Heylo is the first-of-its-kind in digital stoma care, allowing users to track potential leakages, reducing anxiety, and helping them feel reassured, comfortable and in control.

Heylo by coloplast

“What people don’t realise about living with a stoma is that it means constantly having to think about your stoma. Always having to notice if that feeling, or noise will be a sign that a leak is going onto your clothes. I know people who will put the brakes on their life just because the fear of a public leak is more than they can bear. I have felt so much more secure in the knowledge that Heylo is monitoring things, so I don’t have to.” Yvette, Patient Ambassador.

Heylo can be used under most ostomy baseplates and works via a sensor layer that connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth® and an app. The individual simply attaches Heylo under their current stoma product as normal and then will be notified on their smartphone if there is a problem. Users can also discreetly open the app and check the leakage status whenever they feel the need for reassurance. Heylo can reduce leakage incidents onto clothes by 82% and reduce the fear of leakage in daily life, which has led to significant improvements in quality of life. 

By effectively managing leakage, Heylo not only alleviates these concerns but can also help prevent skin problems and reduce the need for avoidable medical appointments, easing the burden on healthcare professionals.

Welcoming the launch announcement, Colorectal Surgeon, Dr. Richard Brady, who led The Newcastle Centre for Bowel Disease (NCBD) stoma programme, commented: “After leading in the testing of Heylo with people living with a stoma, I am pleased to see it is now available on the NHS. The outcomes from our trial clearly demonstrate the positive impact it can have in addressing the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of leakage. Heylo is an accessible way to empower people to regain confidence and embrace more fulfilling lives.”

heylo by coloplast

Tracey Virgin Elliston, Stoma Care Nurse Specialist, added: “After firsthand experience of using Heylo with my patients, I found it surprisingly intuitive and very user-friendly.  Patients found it easy to use, very discreet and that it offered a level of psychological security, that I was just not expecting. Having a product available that genuinely offers patients a solution to leakage anxiety, can only be a positive thing for everyone.”

Coloplast is dedicated to innovating in the stoma care space to provide more personalised care options and help individuals living with a stoma feel comfortable and in control. Head of Marketing: Heylo, Adrian Summerson added: “We understand that life with a stoma is not always easy. With the launch of Heylo in the UK, the first country where it is available, we are aiming to provide both an innovative solution and reassurance to the people who need it most. As a totally new product, we will be working closely with NHS Clinical Nurse Specialists to establish its best use in practice.”

Heylo can be initiated by stoma care nurses following an individual consultation and assessment of leakage anxiety. Alongside Heylo, all users will get access to holistic support, care, and reassurance beyond the product via the Heylo Support Service.

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