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Dishwashing Challenges Solved by new Fairy Professional Tablets

When working in a kitchen which serves large volumes of people like care homes and residential facilities, efficiency is a key factor in preventing operational issues. Throughout meal periods there are natural choke points which can cause hold ups such as food prep, cooking and dish washing. We at Alliance Online have over 20 years of supplying the health sector and appreciate that poor dishwasher management can waste time which could be spent looking after patients.

Naturally, not all homes and hospitals will have access to a warewasher or may just opt for a traditional hand washing approach. But if your organisation does employ commercial dishwashers then hold ups can occur, with the cause normally being due to one of the following two reasons:

  • Time Management: If washes are poorly loaded or scheduled then delays occur due to washes running longer than expected or additional washes are required due to missed tableware.
  • Inefficient Cleaning: If washes are not sufficiently removing dirt and grime from serveware then secondary
  • washes may be required which can cause hold ups in the meal prep chain.
Dishwashing challenges - washing dishes

The first cause can be avoided by simply giving training surrounding the machine being used to staff responsible for loading the dishwasher. Explain aspects such as minimum and maximum load volumes, the various different wash cycles and best practices your kitchen currently follows. Equally, it is important to discuss the impact poor warewasher management can have on the rest of the kitchen and server staff demonstrating how this can develop into a congestion point.

The second reason however cannot be resolved as simply, and it opens up the following three scenarios as to why washes are not proficiently removing dirt:

  • The cycle which is being used is not suitable for the water conditions, degree of dirt on plates or the detergent being used.
  • Your warewashers need servicing or replacing.
  • The detergent being used is not adequate for commercial tasks so is failing to remove dirt.

Where cycles are concerned, the first article to consult would be the dishwasher’s manual as this should itemise the options available. If you cannot find the manual, then locate the model make / manufacturers number and contact the manufacturer to see if a new one can be sent out. Failing this, the manual may exist in a digital format online. Equally, during a closed period the different cycles could be tried and tested to review the efficacy of each one. It is also good practice to know the hardness of your water so you can ensure your machine is optimised accordingly.

If the above is not the case, then the issue may fall into the category of being a mechanical fault. If you haven’t had your warewasher serviced within the past 12 months, then calling a service engineer would definitely be recommended. Not only will they be able to identify any issues with your machine, but they’ll also highlight potential areas which may become a problem in the future. Additionally, engineers will be able to provide advice on best practice when it comes to day-to-day maintenance of your dishwasher, we would recommend the following points:

  • Utilise the service wash function: Most machines have a service wash cycle which should be run at least once a month to flush the washer and cleaning system.
  • Service your machine annually
  • Descale your dishwasher throughout the year: this helps to prevent limescale building up.

Finally, there is the choice of detergent / cleaning solution being used. When selecting the dishwashing chemical you intend on using, there are a few different factors which need considering:

  • Water hardness: as previously discussed you should check the constitution and composition of your water so you can find a detergent which is best suited and optimised to your water’s condition. Should you find your water is particularly hard then seeking advice from an engineer or manufacturer may be best.
  • Brand requirements: Certain brands sometimes sell detergent specifically designed for their warewashers, despite their usually slightly inflated price sometimes omittance to use them can void warranties and manufacturer guarantees.
  • Additional functions: Do you require a cleaning solution with descaling qualities or rinse aid if you are mixing glassware with crockery. Anti-dulling agents can also be included in some detergents to prevent cutlery losing its shine.

To navigate all these issues, you can either buy multiple chemicals, so all scenarios are catered for or buy an all-in-one option. All in one options offer the flexibility of being able to wash a multitude of tableware without the need for separation beforehand. As such, this saves time as warewashers can be loaded to maximum capacity, washed and emptied quicker. It also prevents build ups of specific types of crockery whilst other cycles are running.

Should an all-in-one option be preferred Alliance Online would recommend Fairy’s professional all-in-one dishwasher capsules (this to link to: They have been formulated specifically for daily cleaning of tableware in commercial warewashers. Their multi-action cleaning quality washes away dirt, dissolves and removes dried on grease, protects silver finishes whist promoting a metal shine and also benefits from rinse aid and salt action properties. All of these qualities ensure the capsule offers users efficient cleaning even on short cycles in commercial environments.

The capsules offer staff a simple and easy to use option regarding dishwashing as it negates the need to measure out fluids or powders when using a dish washing appliance. They also come in packs of 100 capsules making them easy to store, freeing up valuable cupboard space for other items.

At Alliance Online we have over 20 years of experience providing the hospitality, leisure, healthcare, education and public sector industries with the products they need. Benefitting from twelve regional depots, a central national distribution centre and an online ecommerce channel we are perfectly placed to manage orders from any sized business throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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