Bield Staff Complete Fearless Feat for Charity

Kashmir -  Bield Staff Complete Fearless Feat for Charity by abseiling forth bridge


Four daring staff members from a Linlithgow very sheltered housing development have taken a huge leap to raise a whopping £1,200 for charity.

Kashmir Potter, Gillian Scott, Helen Dunn and James Hill from Bield’s Brae Court very sheltered housing development completed the 165ft abseil down Scotland’s iconic Forth Rail Bridge, to cap off a wonderful year of fundraising for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS).

Rena Kirton-Vaughan, Manager at Brae Court, said: “I am so proud of the team for raising such a fantastic amount of money for a great charity.

Bright Start for Innovative Sure Call Service

Maureen Richardson

Leading housing and care provider Bield are taking full advantage of advances in technology to create services that enable service-users to lead fuller, more flexible lives, while at the same time reducing the workload of care providers.

‘Sure Call’ is an automated daily wellbeing call service that arranges a telephone call every day or on specific days depending on the individual’s requirements.

Managed by Bield Response 24 (BR24), tenants answer calls in the morning at a time of their choosing and identify, by selecting an option, whether they need any assistance.

If assistance is requested, BR24 will contact the individual to establish what support is needed and respond as necessary.

Miners’ Stone Returns Home



A stone commemorating a much loved institution in East Lothian has found a new home at a local retirement housing development. The ‘Miners’ Stone’ previously stood at the Miners' Welfare Institute, which provided support to the mining community and acted as a social hub for everyone in Wallyford, and has now returned to its old home where Bield’s Miners Terrace amenity housing development now stands.

Bield Scores With Tenants

Bield, one of Scotland’s leading providers of housing and care, has scored with residents after offering them season tickets to their favourite football games. Football memories, an innovative project introduced at Haugh Street Care Home in Stockbridge, gives residents the opportunity to attend Hibernian FC and Heart of Midlothian FC matches on a rota basis allowing them to relive their football loving youth.

The scheme was put in place by Haugh Street’s Deputy Manager, Lynn Gibson, after the development received £10,000 funding from the Queensberry Trust and Small Change Trust. Lynn said: “I think the football memories project is fantastic, it is a great opportunity for our residents to enjoy a day out and go see the teams that they have supported since they were younger.

You’ve got a friend in Bield

The befriending project in place at Bield schemes

St Andrews Care Home in Uphall is looking for volunteers as part of the launch of a befriending initiative aimed at improving the lives of tenants. Bield, one of Scotland’s leading providers of housing and care, recognises the important role that companionship can have on improving the lives of residents at St Andrews Care Home, enabling them to participate in local events, and become more involved in social activities.

Want to Help the Good Times Grow at Bield?

Silver surfer at Bield

Bield, one of Scotland’s leading providers of housing and care, is highlighting the important role that volunteers can play in assisting older people to enjoy happy and fulfilled lives in West Lothian.

Mansewood Court Retirement Housing development in Whitburn is looking for friendly and enthusiastic volunteers to spend a couple of hours each month helping out with either social activities or assisting in their garden.

The appeal comes as a result of the success of previous volunteering roles, which helped organise opportunities for social interaction within the development and the wider community and assisted tenants in planning a seasonal gardening programme.