Harley Street Spine launch new website to make medical enquiries easier

Harley Street Spine lead surgeon Bob Chatterjee

Recognising the influence of internet when patients are seeking medical guidance, Harley Street Spine has launched a brand new website featuring updates on its services and expertise. 

Mr Bob Chatterjee, director and lead surgeon of the practice, has upgraded the online portal offering patients and medical referrers a chance to further understand a range of potential conditions – and the treatment pathways associated with them.

Trial clinical health coaching to empower patients and bring transformation of care

A clinical health coaching programme for patients with long term health conditions commissioned by Parker Drive Practice & Manor Medical Centre, Leicester City CCG, has shown dramatic results in clinical improvements in patient care, quality improvements and activity reduction for the NHS. Interim results from the project, which launched in September 2015, are impressive with an evaluation of the GP practice showing a 100% reduction in attendances at A & E, an 80% reduction in Home Visits and a 57% reduction in attendances at Out of Hours. 

Pain profiling has potential improve quality of life for older patients

Pain profiling has potential improve quality of life for older patients

A two part paper published recently in Age & Ageing, the scientific journal of The British Geriatrics Society, reveals that pain profiling in older patients has the potentialto improve quality of life, and help target resources to those most at risk of disability.The study also found that the use of new pain profiles, which took into account the impact of pain and its subjective nature, might enable better management of pain, and more accurate predictions of healthcare utilisation among older people.

Environmental decontamination in Care Homes

There is increasing evidence that the environment plays a significant role in the spread of infection in settings in which vulnerable people are cared for. Potential pathogens can survive on surfaces for considerable periods of time, examples include: MRSA surviving for over a year in dust, and spores of Clostridium difficile remain viable for over five months. Viruses too can survive in the surrounding 

Hospitals must adapt to meet the needs of dementia patients

The Royal College of Nursing is calling for improvements in how dementia patients are treated in hospitals, as nurses discussed their experiences of caring for rising numbers of people with the condition.

People living with dementia end up in every kind of ward but only wards for older people are appropriately adapted to meet their needs. Within acute hospitals, older people occupy some 60% of beds and of these, 40% may have dementia.

45% of nurses in a recent RCN survey thought that dementia would prove the biggest health issue of the future, with 84% already seeing their work affected by the ageing population.

There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025. This will increase to 2 million by 2051.

Award-winning CliniTouch added to Telehealth and Telecare Framework


A cloud-based health care system that is proven to help patients self-manage their diabetes, chronic lung conditions and heart disease has been added to the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) Telehealth and Telecare framework (203), ensuring NHS commissioners and healthcare practitioners can procure it quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

#thankanurse: Celebrating International Nurses’ Day

In celebration of International Nurses’ Day, the RCN is calling on patients and their families to say thank you to the nurses who have touched their lives. The annual event on 12 May, the birthday of nursing legend Florence Nightingale, celebrates the amazing efforts of nursing staff in the UK and around the world. The RCN’s theme for 2016, the College’s centenary year, is #thankanurse, which encourages patients and their families to thank the nurses who have cared for them. It also gives health care staff the chance to thank their nursing colleagues for their support.

New digital undernutrition service for care homes improves quality of care

There are three million people in the UK affected by undernutrition, with 30-42 per cent of patients admitted to care homes at risk1. This puts the care industry and the NHS under a great deal of pressure as the undernourished elderly have significantly higher rates of secondary health problems, long-term conditions and hospital admissions.

Should You Keep Your Elder Relative Home After a Dementia Diagnosis?

If you have an elder relative that was diagnosed with dementia, it may seem like acting fast to move him or her into a professional care facility is the best option. After all, you want to ensure their safety. However, moving anyone into a nursing home or assisted living facility is a big change that can cause feelings of anxiety. Depending on the details of your loved one’s case, it may be a better idea to keep your elder relative in their home and offer support.

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