Could Carer Technology Help Battle Elderly Loneliness? 

Carer using loneliness technology to look after man

The government recently announced that it would be launching the first ever loneliness strategy, aiming to empower all GPs in England to be able to refer patients suffering from loneliness to community activities and voluntary services by 2023, but how can impacts be made in the meantime? Loneliness can affect any individual of any age, but with 3.6million of the elderly living by themselves and 1.9million saying they often feel alone or invisible, it’s particularly an issue for those in later life.

How the elderly can benefit from using technology in relation to health?

Elderly using iPad

In the UK, it’s estimated that around 45 million people use or own a smartphone. With most smartphone owners aged between 14 and 60, a large proportion of the elderly population are left behind when it comes to smart technology. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways the over 65’s can embrace smart technology to help their health.

As people get older, it’s inevitable that they have to visit medical professionals more frequently. Due to mobility issues, many elderly people find it challenging to access doctors surgeries and clinics. However, using technology in the form of an app on a smartphone, tablet or device, a feasible solution can be used to significantly aid this habitual problem. 

Driving innovation in the social care sector will change perception

Innovation in social care - Ross Peet

Ross Peet, managing partner at ideas agency Yes&Pepper, on changing perceptions of social care roles…

When public perception and industry data combined are helping to shape an uneasy reality, it’s time to make a change. Such is the lot of social care today. After reading that despite increased demand for social care, there are severe recruitment and retention issues because more nurses are leaving their jobs than joining for the first time in history. And expensive HR campaigns aren’t delivering the much needed resource this country requires. We started analysing the branding crisis that is driving people’s anxiety and concerns about the home care services sector.

Bright Start for Innovative Sure Call Service

Maureen Richardson

Leading housing and care provider Bield are taking full advantage of advances in technology to create services that enable service-users to lead fuller, more flexible lives, while at the same time reducing the workload of care providers.

‘Sure Call’ is an automated daily wellbeing call service that arranges a telephone call every day or on specific days depending on the individual’s requirements.

Managed by Bield Response 24 (BR24), tenants answer calls in the morning at a time of their choosing and identify, by selecting an option, whether they need any assistance.

If assistance is requested, BR24 will contact the individual to establish what support is needed and respond as necessary.

Hill Care leads the way with new infection prevention technology

HILL CARE Group is pioneering the use of cutting edge infection control technology after signing a deal with Delivered Health Solutions (DHS).


The care home operator, with 18 homes across the North of England, will be the first in the sector to use TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ technology. It aims to further enhance already robust infection prevention controls and procedures and set new standards for the care industry.



Technology experience reflects reality of dementia

Technology experience reflects reality of dementia

An innovative dementia care home in Seaford has introduced a virtual reality (VR) experience to help staff and families understand more about what it’s like to live with dementia. 

The specialist dementia care centre, Clifden House on Claremont Road, has invested in ‘A Walk Through Dementia’ experience, developed by Alzheimer’s Research UK. This VR program is designed to simulate three everyday situations - a trip to the supermarket, a busy street and time at home – all of which pose challenges for someone with dementia.image11_0.jpg

Check out Alpine HC’s New Hybrid Mattress Video

Check out Alpine HC’s New Hybrid Mattress Video

This revolutionary non-powered mattress combines air and foam so that its users benefit from the comfort of a static mattress whilst profiting from the advanced pressure relief that an alternating pressure mattress provides.

The Reposa® Synergy by Alpine HC possesses a cutting-edge technology that uses nature to redistribute the pressure applied on the mattress.  Exposed valves naturally inhale and exhale air when pressure is exerted on the inset air-foam cells, evenly distributing pressure across the user’s skin. 

Are You Using The Correct Charger?

Way back in 1831, British scientist, Michael Faraday, discovered electromagnetic induction.  This process is pretty much the same principle in respect of how we make use of electricity today. Electricity is a reliable form of energy that's essential in our modern and technology-filled lifestyles. It provides light, it cools our homes on hot summer days and heats them in winter.  And, where would we be in our digital world if we were unable to charge our devices.

The University of Nottingham and Webroster Ltd collaborate to achieve ‘Outstanding’ KTP

The University of Nottingham and workforce scheduling software provider Webroster Ltd have completed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to improve homecare workforce utilisation, achieving the highest possible grade of ‘Outstanding’.  KTP’s are a nationwide programme to help innovative businesses benefit from the UK Knowledge Base by giving them access to knowledge, technology or skills at universities and other research organisations.  

The innovative technology helping to provide a superior social care service

In a sign of the fast developing relationship between the care sector and innovative technology, Bluebird Care has become the first home care provider to adopt a unique care management platform at scale. Eliminating time consuming paperwork, and dramatically reducing the risk of medicines mismanagement, The PASS system from everyLIFE Technologies is enabling Bluebird Care drive up quality of care, while also delivering breakthrough efficiencies and service compliance.