Care providers step into residents' shoes to improve on catering

Care providers step into the shoes of residents

More than 30 people working in the care industry came together for an innovative care catering event. 

The interactive session, held during Nutrition and Hydration week, put attendees in the shoes of residents to highlight just how important positive dining experiences are to quality care. 

Led by executive director of NAPA (National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People) Sylvie Silver, and Paul Wright, UFS elderly care development chef. 

Sylvie said:  “Mealtimes aren’t just about nutrition, they’re key social occasions too. And like any meaningful activity, care needs to be taken to ensure individual needs are taken into account. And that all starts with seeing things from their point of view.”

It runs in the family: carers across Bupa care homes celebrate mother’s day 


This Mother's Day, Bupa is celebrating all the families that work together to support care home residents across the country. For some of us, working with your mum might not be an obvious choice, but for many of these families, things are a little different.

At Bupa’s Pendean care home in Midhurst, Penny Nichols, 53 years old, is a housekeeper and together with her daughter Emma West, 25 years, and son James Nichols, 23 years, they offer around the clock support for residents. The trio has been working together for six years and, between them, they share almost 25 years of experience at the home.

Handmade wellbeing project inspires care home residents

Artwork produced by five elderly residents of Camelot House in Wellington is featuring in an exhibition being staged this week in the town, in the local offices of not-for-profit arts organisation Superact.

The exhibition is the culmination of the Handmade Wellbeing project, which is a collaboration celebrating the importance and value of creativity in care settings, between Somerset-based Superact and three partner institutions based in Finland, Austria and Estonia.

It will showcase artwork created by residents in Wellington and Devon care homes with the support of community artists.

New formula Sansafe®

Cromwell Polythene is re-launching its Sansafe® hygienic bin liners, with a new formula, using recycled, rather than virgin material, as well as a more powerful scent additive. The liners are tested to ISO22196, offering antimicrobial product protection resulting in hygienic liners for sanitary and medical disposal services, waste management and janitorial sectors”.

Ten Happy Days Tips for Residential & Dementia Care Homes

Memory boxes

Designers spend years researching safe environments, product durability, usage and more. As MD of Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Nostalgic Design, I have visited hundreds of residential homes over the past few years and have found many simple and cost effective solutions which can be carried out during everyday care provision to rejuvenate residential and dementia care home environments, uplift mood and help carers enrich social care for well-being.

Take a look around your care home. Are social areas working well? Are they interesting and cheerful? Can you see cluttered corners or exhausting notice boards? Is way finding clear?

Try out my Ten Happy Days Care Home Tips:

Every day’s a school day for Barrhead Care Home residents

Students from Barrhead have teamed up with residents at a local care home to share and learn together as part of an innovative school initiative.

Pupils, aged from 15 to 18 years old, from Barrhead High School in Glasgow volunteer their free periods on Wednesdays and Fridays to visit Bupa’s Millview Care Home to engage in a range of activities with the residents.

Time to provide better support to people with dementia

people with dementia

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported in late 2016 that dementia is now the leading cause of death in England and Wales. With this in mind, Rosie Runciman, co-founder at The Sound Doctor, wants people to be aware that quality patient information about the condition, in a format that’s easy to follow and act upon, is available.

Approximately 9.25 million people are estimated to be living with dementia across Europe.*

Medication Mistakes Put Patients' Lives At Risk: Carers' Drug Blunders A Serious Safety Issue


Life-threatening errors are unwittingly being made by carers and relatives looking after elderly and ill patients. Patients who live at home are often given the wrong drugs or no drugs at all. A recent study reported that more than 90% of carers looking after people at home make potentially deadly errors with their medicines. Experts fear that thousands are being put in danger because drug administration at home is rarely monitored, potentially becoming a serious patient safety issue and another demand on the NHS.

Two thirds of health and hygiene workers lose sleep over their job

-        Workload, client demands and workplace politics revealed as biggest work worries

-        60% of health and hygiene workers suffer from Sunday night blues


A nationwide poll[1] by international safety barrier manufacturer, A-SAFE, has revealed that two thirds of people working in the health and hygiene industry lose sleep as a direct result of workplace worries.

The company polled 1,000 people working in industries including automotive, food and drink, logistics and transport, retail, and government, and found that two thirds (66%) of health and hygiene workers lose sleep over their job. The data showed that 32% of workers regularly lose sleep, with 35% experiencing occasional loss of sleep.

A new benchmark for macerator infection control


Haigh, who design and manufacture macerators worldwide, is embarking on a new era following the launch of new machines to dispose of pulp bedpans and human waste.


Macerators are already used by 85% of UK hospitals and are becoming increasingly popular in care homes as their use is highly linked to infection control.  Whilst Haigh already has a British engineering pedigree dating back over half a century, recent developments have been created through independent laboratory testing and with large district hospitals so that ward staff helped structure improvements.


Trowbridge based apetito announces £31million investment in its food manufacturing site

apetito, the UK’s leading food producer for the health and social care sector (and owner of Wiltshire Farm Foods), today announces that it will be investing £31million in its South West based, food manufacturing business resulting in job creation in the company’s Trowbridge site.

apetito is a £125m food and nutrition food production company which has been  operating in the UK for over 25 years. The company supplies a wide range of products focused on taste and nutrition to hospitals, care homes, local government meals on wheel services as well as via its private meal delivery service Wiltshire Farm Foods.  apetito is the largest private sector employer in Trowbridge, Wiltshire and supports over 2000 UK jobs nationwide.

Care Plan Example Booklet

Care Plan Example Booklet

Our new Care Plan Example Booklet contains all of our forms including the initial assessment (support plan), care plans, associated assessment tools and other ‘day to day’ forms to accompany the care plans such as Food Charts, Body Maps and Stool Charts.

The comprehensive 70 page booklet demonstrates how to use our care planning system and how they look filled in. A ‘must have‘, for all care homes concerned with excellent, robust and person centred care planning.

It goes through a serviced user’s pre-assessment and admission to the care home, how they should be assessed and included in their decisions about day to day support required. It looks at mental capacity issues with various examples of when mental capacity assessments should be done.

A changing society means changes for care home staffing

Izabella Jagiello

The population make-up of the UK is changing. As a society we are living longer, but not necessarily in the best of health as we age. Research from Imperial College London and the World Health Organization, whom analysed lifespans in 35 industrialised countries, show that life expectancy will break 90 years by 2030.

Right now there are 14,450 centenarians, of which more than 750 are aged over 105. This is a 72 per cent increase compared to the last decade. What results is a greater dependence and reliance on the care industry to look after the elderly as the number of aged outstrips the ability of society to care for them in traditional ways.

Calls made for stricter guidelines around cancer care after nurses reveal shocking symptoms

MindMetre's Paul Lindsell talks of shocking find

An independent research organisation is calling for more rigorous guidelines around the administration of cytotocix drugs following an alarming discovery in the the healthcare sector. 

The recent study from MindMetre has revealed that chemotherapy nurses are at risk from exposure to hazardous drugs, with some reporting significant symptoms as a result of their work, including hair loss and an unusually high rate of miscarriage. 

In addition to investigating claims about the effects, the Mindmetre report also considers whether the measurement and monitoring of exposure levels is sufficiently rigorous. 

How Bathroom Adaptations Make for Easier Living

If you’re thinking about making changes to your bathroom, it’s key that you understand all of your options to ensure that your adaptations ensure maximum mobility. Bathroom fixtures and accessories should enable a person to move around as easily as possible. Your fixtures should also help to reduce the risks of falling and slipping.

Leading mobility aid retail providers Manage at Home are offering advice on choosing the best bathroom aids to help improve simple daily living.

Showers and Baths