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Commercial Laundry: How to make your wash work for you.

Commercial Laundry: How to make your wash work for you.

Over the past few years, the popular laundry slogan ‘if it’s not dirty, wash at 30’ has become something of a standardised phrase by numerous large brands. However, this is normally associated with household settings opposed to business environments. Because of this, most companies ignore the advertised energy saving strategy due to assuming the household products won’t be able to meet their needs. But could a lower temperature cut costs on washing, especially considering the rise in energy prices we are currently witnessing?

Well, market leaders Ariel have recently brought out a new range of professional products aimed at targeting businesses with high volume washing requirements. The domestic washing national leader has new products including both liquid detergent and liquitabs which boast tougher cleaning credentials. The new formulation of these products allows them to tackle the toughest laundry tasks from commercial environments whilst helping businesses towards achieving their green goals. Ariel’s new range offers users brilliant cleaning on both colours and whites, even on cold washes. So, for industries such as the care and nursing sectors this new range can greatly help in removing tough and stubborn stains with ease in just one wash. This means your staff can confidently clean linens, towels, bed sheets and other such items for your patients and residents whilst also decreasing the carbon impact of your institute thanks to washing at 30°C.

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Really!? On Whites?

You heard correctly, even on whites! We appreciate the sentiment is exceptionally cliched and over-used in advertisement, but Ariel’s professional range provides unbeatable brightness and stain removal on your whites. Additionally, the detergents formulas ensure whites stay looking white for longer too. Also, the range helps businesses save labour costs in terms of pre-soaking and pre-washing. Proctor & Gamble (P&G) are the manufacturers of the products, and they understand that time is money where businesses are concerned, as such Ariel professional has been designed to produce the same brilliant results in one, low temperature wash as you’d get when utilising a pre-wash strategy.

But who cares about washing at 30°C?

Energy usage during the laundry process is predominantly used when heating the actual water used in the machines. According to a study by Ariel1 if all households within the Greater London area were to change their washing temperature from the standard 40°C to 30°C for one year, the energy saved would be enough to rotate the London Eye 2.3 million times. However, we understand that for businesses this statistic is rather redundant and of little interest, allow us to rephrase. According to Home Energy Scotland2 (managed by the Energy Saving Trust), choosing to wash at 30°C opposed to higher temperatures can save you up to 40% on your energy usage for washing.

At Alliance we promote the idea of businesses becoming greener and aim to do what we can to ensure our customers can be more eco-conscious. In turn, we believe it’s our responsibility as wholesalers to ensure our customers have access to a range of environmentally friendly products which may help them reduce energy consumption. A key benefit of the new Ariel professional range is along with reducing your energy usage it also helps you save money at the same time.

Don’t believe us? Ariel professional liquid has been awarded the Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The purpose of the award is to highlight products which help the environment in a manner which also reduces costs. To learn more about the award, click here: 

Still don’t believe us, then listen to the scientists

Dr Paul Campbell, the leading research and development scientist behind NEW Ariel Professional, explains how the right detergent and a cold wash can give efficient and professional results in record time:

“New Ariel Professional liquid is designed to give breakthrough performance on all laundry even at 30°C. It contains a range of technologies specifically designed to deliver outstanding cleaning and stain removal. New Ariel Liquid also contains a new whiteness booster technology which makes it perfect for washing your white items, helping make them whiter and brighter for longer.”

Hopefully the above will help convince you to consider revisiting your current laundry options and potentially changing to a more eco-conscious option. Equally, if you have questions about what options are available to you regarding green products download our environmentally conscious guide or visit our eco-shop at Alliance Online.

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