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Revolutionary Montessori Approach for Dementia and Ageing

A groundbreaking approach to dementia and ageing care is set to elevate the quality of life for individuals facing these challenges in the UK. Montessori for Dementia, Disability, and Ageing is designed for both family carers and professionals in residential settings. It focuses on respecting individuals and creating environments where they can do things for themselves and contribute to their home or community. Care homes that have already adopted the approach have seen rapid improvements in patient outcomes and wellbeing and some have gone on to win awards for their care transformations.

carer and patient doing dementia puzzles

This November Anne Kelly, an experienced nurse and internationally renowned aged care expert who pioneered the approach, will make a rare visit from her native Australia to lead a two-day workshop on the method in London.

Anne Kelly, Aged Care Montessorian and Dementia/Disability Consultant said:  “Dementia and disabilities can make people feel worthless and miserable, and home routines can so easily rob them of their independence and dignity. The Montessori approach can dramatically improve their well-being and enable them to do things for themselves rather than having things done for them. It empowers not only patients but carers and families too.”

The Maria Montessori Institute workshop is suitable for family members, carers, nurses, support workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and volunteers to embrace a new way of delivering care which increases dignity, builds self-esteem and improves a sense of independence and purpose.

Anne continues, “It doesn’t matter how old or able we are, whether we’re four, 40 or 104, or whether we are deaf, in a wheelchair or have other disabilities; we all need a reason to get out of bed every day. Most people associate Dr Montessori’s work with a childhood education system. When discussing Montessori’s methods for ageing, disability and dementia, we’re talking about her ethos and philosophy that transfers over into aged and disability care.”

The Montessori ethos is based on independence, high self-esteem and the ability to make genuine choices and to feel valued. This is what introduces meaningful roles, routines, and activities to patients which help to foster their self-sufficiency.

Valuable insights that Anne will deliver in her two-day workshop include:

•          How to prepare environments conducive to self-care and community engagement for individuals facing Dementia, ageing, or disability challenges

•          Matching roles and activities to individual abilities, leveraging personal history and strengths

•          Fostering independence, social connections, friendships, and a sense of purpose

•          Building confidence and self-esteem through well-structured routines

•          Providing cues, prompts, materials, and templates to support memory loss or other challenges

•          Implementing the approach in various settings, from individual care to group activities, in both home and residential settings and hospitals.

The November workshop with Anne Kelly will take place in London on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21stNovember. To find out more please visit

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